The Rising Cost of Education and Rise in Unemployment

The Rising Cost of Education and Rise in Unemployment

A disease bedeviling the African continent is the steady rise of the unemployment rate. Most of the government policies and budgets are structured one way or the other in order to fight poverty, which is one of the results of unemployment. According to the City Press newspaper of Jan. 17, 2015, fees of private schools […]

Ex-Offenders Are Struggling to Make It

In today’s society, one demographic of citizens is often overlooked, ex-offenders. The government and it citizens need to¬†consider¬†new ways to better society and solve local societal issues. I am an ex-offender. I was incarcerated for seventeen years for a crime I committed at the age of seventeen. I was released on parole just over a […]

Female Awareness Classes Help Women Stand Up for Themselves

Over the last several days I have come in contact with a few people that have incredible stories. I think it is amazing when I run into people that are firm in their beliefs, career, or personality. On the train, I encountered a woman who was attacked in an alley two years ago. She told […]

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