Attempted Coup in Turkey Fails


Turkey is where I was born. It was late one night when I was awakened by a phone call from my husband, who, while at work heard that a coup had started. However, this military attempted coup failed after only a few months.

This was not the first military coup Turkey has faced. The first thing that I did was switch on the TV. All the channels, except for TRT, the government channel that is not watched en masse, were broadcasting their everyday routines. Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s aggressive president, was addressing the people i.e., his followers, which are more like his admirers and calling them to the streets via the most famous and preferred Turkish stations.

So, I began searching social media with my Twitter account, with no problem accessing the internet. People were getting information left and right. There is usually an information block during coups and juntas. Only ten minutes passed when I heard people in cars and signals on the streets. The people angrily rushed out to kill the soldiers unaware of anything and became victims themselves. Turkey’s military then began what had to be started immediately after every attempted coup, the witch hunts, and emergency states.

Following the theory, to see who benefits, one can easily find out for whom the coup is needed. However, it is not the subject, but why Erdogan-like leaders always win. Why do men like Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, IIham Aliyev, and of course Erdogan always gain victories? While Mohammad Mossadegh, the Prime Minister of Iran from 1951-1953, Necmettin Erbakan, leader of Turkey’s first Islamic movement,  Salvador Allende, Chile’s first socialist president, Patrick Joseph Kennedy the U.S. State Department’s outgoing undersecretary for management never win.

Erbakan was the founder and leader of the Milli Görüş (National Vision) movement. This is where Erdogan began his political career and was one of the most influential figures, which he tasted the authority of the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor. This movement, now abandoned by Erdogan, represented political Islam and still does.

It is said to be the only ideology under the short-period government of which minimum wages granted to 61 percent of the population had the highest purchasing capacity. Erbakan was ousted by Tukey’s military right after the ten-month government and banned from political activities until he got old and sick. Guess why.

Today many observers from all around the world explain the Turkish majority’s deep and inhuman love, or passion for Erdogan with his religiousness and the Islamic sensitivity of the nation. If so, why then did the same nation not show any support for Erbakan?  He was the leader with more Islamic views and fewer votes; 21 percent vs. Erdogan’s 52. As it may seem, it is media and population that work hand-in-hand and define our present and future.

It was the majority that executed Socrates, burned Joan of Arc, adored Hitler, hated jews and began to admire the latter a few decades later. It is the same community in every country at all times. It never changes and I doubt it ever will. But what about the minority? In Turkey, it may seem to those without a solid grasp of reality, the religious section that constitutes the majority supports Erdogan and the secularists constitute the minority share M. Kemal Ataturk’s vision. In reality, my opinion is, they are both majorities and hide in themselves those who are religious but against any autocracy and are secularists without any reference to Ataturk’s respectively.

In other words, there are two majorities throughout Turkey that suppress every dissenting view in the public opinion. That is what we call the evil and fatality of every nation. That is why history always repeats and almost nobody ever sees it, and this attempted coup in Turkey failed.

Written by Zehra Suleyman
Edited by, Katherine Miller

Counter Extremism: Necmettin Erbackan overview
BBC: Recep Tayyip  Erdogan: Turkey’s pugnacious president

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Harold Litwiler’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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