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Female Awareness Classes Help Women Stand Up for Themselves


Female Awareness

Over the last several days I have come in contact with a few people that have incredible stories. I think it is amazing when I run into people that are firm in their beliefs, career, or personality. On the train, I encountered a woman who was attacked in an alley two years ago. She told me the story about how they beat her up badly and stole her belongings. She was left in the alley for dead.

To hear about her experience was utterly appalling for me.

Afterward, she was terrified to go out alone. She admitted avoiding many areas where she felt threatened. This led to her staying inside, most days. After several months of fear riddled seclusion, in her home, she signed up for a women’s defense fighting class in her neighborhood.

The female awareness classes helped her gain the strength that she needed to leave her house, and in essence, she was standing up for herself. She was, now, able to travel wherever she wanted, without having to be as fearful.

I understand the change of attitude in people after they begin to learn defensive fighting. It gives them confidence the ability to protect themselves or those they love. It is a great feeling to have the courage to walk down the street and not be scared for your safety. A class called Female Awareness is available to women, which in turn empowers them mentality and through fitness.

Confidence does not ensure stability and protection all of the time though. If a person worked all night for a work presentation, the next morning they would be able to provide concrete details of their proposal and answer any questions that may arise. This gives the person a boost of energy and they are able to finish the presentation. It does not mean that they will actually have their proposal accepted. It almost acts as a temporary confidence. For this matter, I feel as though people can not be too confident. Author Jeff Cooper stated:

The criminal does not expect his prey to fight back. May he never choose you, but, if he does, surprise him.

I think that this is a great way to understand these situations. You should not be a sitting duck waiting for an assailant to attack you. Make sure that there are multiple ways of disarming, stunning, and escaping an attacker. People should be prepared to handle themselves if they are in a potentially violent situation.

We must be able to stand up for ourselves. Our lives are valuable and we must be able to be the keeper of our bodies. Danger is present for everyone and you have to be able to navigate in the territory, whether you want to or not. I salute many of the strong women in the world who are fighting for themselves. I encourage everyone to learn a few techniques that can be used to protect yourself.

Opinion News by Carlton Rolle
Edited by Tracy Blake


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