Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Britney Spears Impression [Video]

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera showed off her Britney Spears impression on The Tonight Show. The singer took to the stage with Jimmy Fallon to play Wheel of Impressions, and found herself up against her former 90s pop rival. Along with that, she showed off her impressions of Cher and Shakira, earning a standing ovation.

Aguilera proved she is far more than a pretty face and big voice. She can take on other acts, and even looked like she was enjoying her time while singing random songs as people she has met in the past. The veteran The Voice coach did appear nervous when she started, possibly worrying about the impressions that she was going to do. Fallon even told Aguilera not to be nervous, as he pulled out the button to select a random artist and song.

It all started with Aguilera getting Cher has her impression, and she had to do it to the jingle for Folgers Coffee. Instantly, she took to the challenge and showed off her talents. Aguilera and Cher have spent time together while filming Burlesque, and it looks like it all paid off. While she said it was “stupid,” Fallon did not agree and said that it sounded great.

He soon ended up having to do the Grand Old Flag as David Bowie, making the Genie in a Bottle singer and the audience laugh. However, it was Aguilera showing off her Spears impression that was the most memorable of the night.

She soon found that she had to sing This Little Piggy and The Tonight Show band decided she could do it to the theme of Hit Me Baby One More Time, Spears’ first hit. While laughing, Fallon asked if she knew Britney, to which Aguilera replied “a little bit.” The two were big rivals in the 1990s, and were also co-stars together on the Mickey Mouse Club. They were there at the same time as NSYNC member Justin Timberlake.

Seeing the impression was something that Fallon had always wanted to see, and Aguilera certainly shocked him and the audience. He got to his feet to give her a standing ovation as she channelled the Toxic singer perfectly. Admitting that it would be difficult to top, he then had to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider as Michael McDonald.

In the final round, the two sang together. Fallon hit the button and Shakira popped up, with the theme tune from the Golden Girls as the chosen song. It is one that Aguilera admitted she sleeps to at night, and then started singing it as her fellow The Voice coach. Rather than competing with the best Shakira impression, Fallon continued his McDonald impression to sing with the Grammy Award winner.

It was definitely an entertaining part of The Tonight Show, and one that many Aguilera fans never expected to see happen. The most entertaining part had to be the Beautiful singer’s impression of her pop rival, especially considering Spears has always said that she would love to sing like her. Aguilera showed off her Spears impression, and received a standing ovation for it.

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