‘Criminal Minds’ Star Arrested for Grand Felony Theft

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Nicholas Brendon, who stars on the hit CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, has been arrested once more. This time, he is being charged with the crime of grand felony theft for an incident that stemmed from a rather disastrous night spent at a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The 43-year-old was in town for a comic book convention and is said to have consumed far too much alcohol for his own tolerance, thus leading to him becoming so intoxicated he proceeded to trash his hotel room and cause significant damage to the facility. Following this, authorities say that he then ended up falling asleep on the floor of a hotel employee’s office. The police report, which was obtained by TMZ shortly following the incident in question, detailed that the Criminal Minds actor’s charges added up to an approximate total of 830 dollars.

This came in two parts; 450 dollars in damage to the aforementioned hotel room he was staying in, and almost 380 dollars in food and beverage orders. The reason why the Criminal Minds star was placed under arrest is because he reportedly refused to pay for the bill he was given for everything that had happened, and therefore hotel staff immediately alerted the authorities of the situation in order to make sure they got their dues for the Criminal Minds actor’s behavior.

The headliners of the convention in question reportedly paid for the Criminal Minds actor’s hotel room in order to motivate him to come to their event; however, this did not seem to be enough for Brendon, as he took to Twitter mere hours before his arrest to upload a post detailing his discontent at what he thought was their lack of generosity towards him. The Criminal Minds star was upset that he was “stuck” in Ft. Lauderdale with both a lack of per diem and no ride to the airport.  He wrapped up the tweet by sarcastically thanking the convention honchos for their efforts,

This is not the first time that the Criminal Minds FBI tech has gotten in legal trouble at a convention. Indeed, he was placed under arrest a mere four months ago for drunkenly causing a disturbance at an Idaho comic event in Boise. In this instance, police were called to the hotel after witnesses saw Brendon getting into it with a hotel staffer and causing something of a disturbance. Upon said authorities requesting the Criminal Minds star to remain seated during their questioning of various by-standers, he refused to comply with their wishes and was therefore placed under arrest for misconduct.  The Criminal Minds actor was also awarded one count of malicious injury to property, for allegedly breaking a decorative dish and refusing to pay for it afterwards.

A representative close to the Criminal Minds star have given the statement that he is suffering from an illness that is hard for them and others to truly understand, and that this is why he has been engaging in such behavior over the last few months. It is unclear as to what exactly this illness is, but Brendon did check himself into rehab shortly following the aforementioned initial convention incident.

There is not yet any word as to any further action being taken against Criminal Minds star Nicholas Brendon following his most recent arrest for grand felony theft and criminal mischief. Sources close to him have expressed the actor’s wishes for personal privacy and respect during this time.

By Rebecca Grace

Hollywood Reporter
People Magazine
Photo by Heather Paul – License

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