Drake Blasts Tyga for Kylie Jenner Relationship in New Diss Track



Drake has made his feelings regarding fellow rapper Tyga’s relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner extremely clear, by way of a new diss track directed at the 25-year-old. The song, entitled 6 PM in New York, appears on the Canadian artist’s new album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which dropped without announcement late last night (much like that of Beyoncé’s last record, which she released overnight without anybody being any the wiser of even its impending existence.)

The lyrics detail Drizzy’s disapproval of what he feels are the Rack City hit-maker’s childish actions as of late, including an instance during which Tyga reportedly put the 28-year-old on blast during a public concert, letting the audience know that the two were on less than friendly terms with one another. Drake then threw an extreme amount of shade at the rapper, telling him that he needs to act his own age rather than the age of his younger girlfriend.

Tyga was not hesitant to fight back upon hearing his mention in the aforementioned track. He has made it clear in the past that he views the Toronto native as being an incredibly fake person, and he took to Twitter shortly upon the album’s release to voice his opinion on the judgement Drake passed regarding his relationship with Jenner. He uploaded a rather strongly worded post in which he called the diss both sneaky and weak, and essentially said that the Started From The Bottom chart-topper should man up and voice whatever is issue is to his enemy’s face.

He threw in that both of them knew where the other one lived, so there was no reason for secrecy and hiding behind the scenes in order to raise any potential issue they may have. Tyga also makes reference to Drake’s long-standing feud with Chris Brown regarding Rihanna, a beef which he has been going on for several years at this point. The tweet in question has since been removed, although it is unclear if the rapper himself chose to take it down or was advised to by his people.

Drake is not the only one to bring up questions regarding the relationship between Tyga and Jenner. Indeed, when speculation first began surrounding the pair’s possible union, several eyebrows were raised due to both the 8 year age difference and the fact that the youngest daughter of former Olympian Bruce is still underage at 17. However, no legal issues have been raised due to there not being any proof that they are engaging in premarital activities. Sources close to the two say that, although it does appear that they are in a relationship, things have most certainly not even gone past the stage of hand holding.

Tyga has not yet initiated any further response to Drake’s recent slam towards his relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. However, based on the aforementioned deleted tweet among other things, the rapper is clearly not happy with the way he and his girlfriend were put on the spotlight in the diss track in question.

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