Empire: Out, Damned Spot [Recap]

EmpireEmpire season one, episode six, entitled Out Damned Spot, opens with the vision of a single rose and Cookie, played by Taraji P. Henson, getting ready for a meeting with Lucious, played by Terrance Howard. This rose was given to her in last week’s episode by Lucious Lyon as a remembrance of their anniversary. The meeting she had imagined was with the two of them alone. Fancy she shows up to the restaurant and the whole family is there. The announcement Lucious made shocked them all, but annoyed Cookie. He decided to married Anika and proposed to her only a week before, the same day he gave Cookie a rose the day of their anniversary. She is dressed inconspicuously for the occasion and reveals just how much she did not care for the announcement.

It is also revealed to Vernon that Luscious shot Bunkie who was his oldest friend and like a brother to him. Not only was Bunkie like family, he was Cookie’s favorite cousin. The eldest son Andre then finds out that he covered for his father murdering a man who was a part of the family. The realization came from his “uncle” Vernon choking him until he admits knowing about the cover up. He had not recognized what he covered up until that moment.

Vernon hires out a man to get rid of the evidence of Luscious killing Bunkie. They hire a “suspect” to take the fall for the murder. All he had to do was sign the confession and his family would be taken care of by receiving money for as long as he keeps up the lie.

Elle Dallas is introduced in this episode as a struggling artist who is using drugs. Her first album and singles jump started Empire records before the Lyons had anything to grow from. Cookie decides to take on managing Elle so that the record label does not drop her. She finds it very hard because Elle turns out to be more of a handful than the company let on. Cookie did not stop there in her quest to make a comeback and prove herself as the queen of Empire records. With a power move Cookie approaches Vince Boyd to tweet Jamal’s song to gain a following for her talented son, which results in more press for him and an unhappy Lucious.

Derek Luke has entered the Empire playing Mr. Devoe, the new head of security for Empire Records. He and Cookie both have an eye on each other.

Hakeem and Jamal fell off and are no longer working together as they continue in the aftermath of their heated argument in last week’s episode. Jamal still believes that Hakeem sent someone to shoot up his studio session. Now they are rushing to beat each other to the top of the company. Dropping hit after hit trying to prove who is worthy of the Empire.

Lucious finds a doctor who claims to be able to treat his ALS with a trial drug that has not yet been approved. He buys into an off market experimental drug proposed by this private doctor. They are not sure if the drug will be successful, but Lucious is willing to take the chance.

At the end of Out, Damned Spot, Raven Symone, playing an old friend of the family, appears out of nowhere and drops a bomb on the whole Empire family. She is the mother of Jamal’s daughter?

Written By Cameasha Rucker-Muhammad


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