F80 Ferrari Concept: Ferrari Writing a New Chapter in Automotive History


The Ferrari F80 is both appealing to look at and touts futuristic engineering features that rival what some consider to be the greatest supercar ever made, the LaFerrari, which took the automotive industry by storm last year. Many in the car world wondered how the LaFerrari’s beautifully-engineered 1,050 horsepower hybrid technological masterpiece engine could be improved. Though, it seems that one of the most prolific names in both automobile production and the Formula One racing world, founded by the infamous Enzo Ferrari, has more in store for its next concept, the F80, which will undoubtedly be put into production and released this year.

For last decade the Bugatti Veyron, the world’s fastest car, has dominated the auto world in the area of brute force power. Auto makers have been attempting to find a way to engineer a car that will have better power and aerodynamics to beat the herculean output of the German car, however, the Ferrari F80 is projected to beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports’ top speed of nearly 270 mph.

Currently, the 2015 Ferrari F80 is only a concept but already many experts and supercar enthusiasts are regarding this as a great-looking, high-performing car. If Ferrari ever decides to replace its current F-series car, the F70, the new F80 model will have a very large space to fill. The latest concept features many of the characteristics and technological advances the F70 possesses, relies on the company’s notorious craftsmanship, and increases performance even further with Ferrari’s brand new KERS hybrid system.

Unlike the hybrid systems that power the Green Peace-friendly Prius and other environmentally friendly production cars, the F80 will use a hybrid system that is used to enhance the power of a conventional internal combustion engine, rather than replace it. Similar technology has been used on the industry-leading, mind-blowingly fast 903 horsepower McLaren P1 and the 875 horsepower Porsche 913. The Ferrari F80 concept will surpass both of these current models by hundreds, yes, hundreds of horsepower. Ferrari announced that their new model will have 1,200 horsepower in a combination with their beautifully-crafted engine with a very powerful electric hybrid powertrain.


The Ferrari F80 concept was fashioned and designed by Ferrari’s lead designer, Adriano Raeli. Similar to the previous F-series cars, it will feature design characteristics an aggressive, long-rear body, with the engine in the middle – classic supercar standards.

European emission standards have made many auto manufacturers forced to drop their high horsepower V10 and V12 engines. BMW has dropped their 501 horsepower V10, in the M5, for a more powerful, but environmentally kind, twin-turbo V8, producing 552 horsepower. As well, the McLaren P1 features a 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8, a long shot from the 1990’s V12 F1 model. Like the aforementioned cars, Ferrari will drop their quintessential V12 engine for smaller, twin-turbo V8 engine, for the F80.

However, do not think the F80’s new powertrain will be lacking in force. The new engine will provide the car with 900 horsepower, accompanied with the KERS hybrid system that will give the car an extra 300 horsepower. Potentially, if the F80 goes into production, it will reach 60 mph in 2.2 seconds, on to a top speed of 310 mph – faster than any car as gone before. It aerodynamics are something out of a sci-fi novel. It will feature F1 technology to create an immense amount of down force to keep the carbon fiber body on the ground at over 300 mph.

Ferrari has not commented on the theoretic price of the car, though the F80 will undoubtedly be astronomical. While the automotive world awaits the birth of a new leviathan of a car, the experts at Ferrari will be making even more changes to the epically-designed and power the Ferrari F80 concept car, creating a new chapter in automotive history.


By: Alex Lemieux



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