Giuliani Scrutinized for Scathing Remarks


Rudy Giuliani is being scrutinized as his remarks about President Obama at a private dinner party became a hot topic across the United States. The sixty attendees, who were in the group to hear his remarks, included business executives, conservatives and the governor of Wisconsin. Giuliani was aware that the people in the room were possible presidential candidates.

The fire storm comments that crossed the line were centered around President Obama’s foreign policy decisions. In question was the comment he made regarding the President’s patriotism to America.

Giuliani said, “Obama does not love America.” This statement was actually prefaced by him saying what he was about to say would be horrible. Anyone who intends to move politically, must tenor the tone of statements to avoid being offensive, disrespectful or out of touch with reality.

Giuliani qualified his scathing remarks regarding the President’s love for this country by explaining that he, President Obama, did not grow up having the same experiences in this country as the others seated in the room. He expressed that he wants the next president to show and tell how much he loves this country.

Giuliani actually positioned President Obama in another way by referring to how he was brought up. In this context, what he was trying to say was unclear. Technically, this statement could easily be misunderstood because the fact of the matter is, President Obama’s mother was White. Critical reviews quickly speculated that Giuliani was confirming that he believed the President was not like other Americans.

This comment lends itself to racism. Making any comments remotely related to racism is something every politician wants to move away from especially if the  political office is in sight.

Giuliani’s scrutinized comment about President Obama was counterproductive for a man who prides himself on the laurels of his leadership especially when he was mayor of New York. At that time, his character mirrored a leader of strong principles and tough work tactics.

Although he did not gain the presidential nomination in 2008,  his statements in public have continued to cause concern. For example, when he spoke of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, he compared him to President Obama by saying this man demonstrated much love for his country by the things he did for his people.

When he commented on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, he accused President Obama of inciting the riots and encouraging people to dislike policeman. These kinds of statements tout Giuliani as being paranoid.

Giuliani ignored the critics and said he was referring to the worldviews that molded President Obama. He said his comments did not refer to racism but socialism. He merely wanted people to know what kind of president should be elected as the leader of America in 2016. Obviously, this person should be the opposite of the current president.

Giuliani turned a blind eye to the 2016 rule for Republican candidates. Do not blast the president of the United States personally. Take issue with the policies. When this behavior occurs, Republicans can believe that they look ruthless in the eyes of the public.

Opinion By Marie A. Wakefield




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