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Google Glass Being Used at Airports


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Google Glass has a long history of not being appreciated because of privacy concerns among others. When the search giant first showed off, many considered it to be too futuristic for the present. There were privacy concerns and criticisms of all kinds. Despite all that, some businesses realized the potential it had. Just last year, Google Glass started being used by airport officials to better serve the passengers.

Now, another airport in Amsterdam has taken up Google’s futuristic technology, the Glass, to speed up its daily activities and serve its customers with better service. The first airport that took up the Glass to serve its passengers was Edinburgh airport. They adopted Google’s Glass technologies last year.

Schiphol is the main international airport in the Netherlands which has recently equipped most of its staff with a Google Glass. The airport hopes to not only improve passenger service but also to better understand how users interact with various aspects of the airport.

For example, if someone stands a long time in front of the departure board and eventually says that the layout is confusing, their voice will be picked up by the microphones set up by the airport authorities. Once that happens, the incident is transferred to a staff suited up with the Glass to come and help the passenger in need of assistance.

Another high-tech use of Google’s wearable gadget that the airport is implementing is to use the Glass to measure the barrier placement of distances on the taxiway. That is where the planes takeoff after taxiing. These new types of experiments started a few weeks ago and the authority will reportedly decide whether to use Google Glass technologies on a permanent basis sometime in the next year.

While some of the ideas that Schiphol airport is trying to implement with the Glass is new, this isn’t the first time Google Glass is being used at an airport for better passenger service. Edinburgh airport was in fact the first airport in the world to equip some of its staff with the Glass to welcome the passengers and quickly draw information regarding their flight. Google Glass also helped the staff translate foreign languages and answer queries of the passengers. The service was implemented in 2014.

The airport in Schiphol has developed its own app compatible with the Glass and Android so that they can use the technology to their advantage. While Google Glass is yet to be popular even in the tech world, there are some apps on the app store dedicated to Google Glass, and developers can build apps for it. The airport felt the need for a technology this advanced and quick, and adopted Google Glass, at least for now, despite all the negativity surrounding Google Glass as a failed product.

When first announced, Google wanted average people from the society to wear the Glass and take advantage of its futuristic features. However, it took Google long enough to realize that the original intention of the Glass did not fit perfectly with the average citizens. Realizing that Glass needs a new angle, Google announced in January that it needs a new concept. What that might be is still a secret, but it’s almost certain that Google will not make the same mistake that did with the Glass first time.

Notably, Glass is still in beta, or experimental period. The search giant initially handed off Google Glass to some Glass Explorers who had some level of influence on the media. Gradually it allowed more people to buy into Glass, but the sales never really took off. Google, despite all the negativity, continued the development of Glass with new technologies, improvements, Glassware, and frames. The company still failed to grab the attention of most of the citizens.

However, businesses found different kinds of uses with Google Glass. So it didn’t take too long until Google Glass started being used as a tool to improve customer experience at an airport. Almost a year later, Schiphol airport follows suit. That gives a clear hint that while Google Glass may still not be consumer-friendly, it can be a great tool for improving how business is done.

By Aminul Islam Sajib



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