Google Now Is Smarter and More Useful With Integration of 40 Apps

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Google Now is becoming smarter and more useful with the integration of 40 apps. It has added the apps to give, as much as possible, all the relevant information at the right time, automatically. As it is envisioned by its maker to be the future of search, people can just get answers to questions before they start looking for them in Google’s search box. CEO and Co-Founder Larry Page of Google once said that perhaps some users do not want to ask questions, just get answers before they even ask.

That makes Android’s Google app useful in everyday life as it keeps the user updated with all the good stuff at a glance. It brings the Now cards to help out.

Digital assistant apps are continuing to become significant selling points in both desktop and mobile OS markets. Google’s digital assistant has been adding features, even covering events email messages have been mentioning, or the websites that are recently updated. This time, Google Now is smarter and more useful with the integrated 40 third-party apps.

Google Now’s new apps integration enables the facility to provide the most-searched information – breaking news, traffic, weather, stocks, sports scores, package shipments, calendar appointments and flight details. It will give the information, which is already inside the apps of the mobile device, including favorite songs, home-buying tips and last-minute deals.

According to Product Management Director Aparna Chennapragada of Google Now, retrieving information requires constantly open the apps or getting a notification. The former is challenging for those who cannot find time. The latter may come in bad timing, and the user will tend to overlook the notification.

Google Now will have the information reach the users through third-party apps; and that is made possible by integrating apps through its digital cards. Users will not need to rely on the notifications of the apps anymore.

The user can catch up with the current news from the cards in the morning, get some recommended songs to play, take care of groceries, plan a trip and order a lift from the airport. The cards will show information from apps like Pandora, Duolingo, Instacart, Airbnb, Lyft, Mint, TripAdvisor, eBay and many others.

For this feature to work, the user must download the app so it can push the information to Google Now. Furthermore, he has to go to Web & App Activity Settings, and allow Google Now to get data from the third-party apps.

Some cards will work by location, such as Lyft, which would push a card for a ride from the airport to the hotel or home when Google Now detects the user just arrived from a flight. For this, the user needs to launch Lyft and its data collection system will take care of the rest.

Google Now is smarter and more useful with the integrated 40 apps, which will automatically present useful information in the form of cards. The-search tool-and-digital assistant-in-one is available in Android and Chrome browser users. The Internet search titan said it is collaborating with more than 30 developers to bring these cards and a lot more.

By Judith Aparri

Frontline Desk
Tech Times
Digital Trends

Photo courtesy of Massie – Flickr License

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