Google Releases Plans for New Utopian Headquarters [Video]

On Friday, city officials in Mountain View, California received building plans for Google’s new headquarters. The plans look less like blueprints for a building and more like a movie set for the next sci-fi thriller. Google has released images and a video (below) that reveal what their utopian vision for this new headquarters may look like.

David Radcliff with Google explains that Silicon Valley has changed the world, yet the valley itself has not really changed all that much. Google in the past has just used buildings that were already in place and adapted to them. Now they have a chance to create something brand new with regards to the architecture of this new structure.

One of the primary goals for this new utopian Google headquarters will be to analyze how buildings work with nature. The design has been described as having tent poles reaching into the sky with glass draped over to form a structure not unlike a greenhouse. However, while the structure will allow sunlight and air in and out, there will also be a tinting system that will control the sunlight so not to over-heat the inside.

Another fascinating feature that will be moveable glass tiles. The purpose for this unique feature Google explains is that at times different departments of Google require varying amounts of space to produce their product. For example, Google’s self-controlling car will require much more space throughout its production phases than search engine technicians do.

A focus of theirs is to try to look beyond the present needs of things like transportation. They want to preserve the open spaces that their campus currently maintains. Basically, expansion is not something they are keen on doing. In fact, they would prefer to move all of the parking lots that currently litter the landscape underground so that they are not necessarily part of the experience when people are visiting or working at the headquarters. They would also like this new campus to include shopping venues and plenty of bike paths.

Google has really tried to lead their industry in providing new features and services that have not been available for users in the past. Radcliff feels this is what they are trying to do with this project as well. Some of the features this new structure is boasting are not even technically possible at this point in time. They hope that by 2020, which is when the first structure is set to be completed, technologies will have caught-up with their vision.

As Google releases their new plans for their utopian style headquarters they are also competing with other web giants such as LinkedIn for building permits in Mountian View. They are kind of fighting the clock on this matter because if LinkedIn does win their permits from the city, it could greatly reduce the chance that Mountain View will allow Google to continue with their plans. This is a concern for Google because it is unlikely the city will want to push an industry giant like LinkedIn out.

By Joel Wickwire

Photo by Kool Cats Photography – License

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