‘Grammys in 5 Words’ [Video]

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The Grammys are right around the corner, airing Feb. 8 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Now that the place and time have been made available, it is time to get down to the most recent news. Last night in Los Angeles, Bob Dylan was presented with the 2015 MusiCares Award. Among those performing were Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Alanis Morissette, Tom Jones, Willie Nelson and Norah Jones. MusiCares uses its resources to help with issues that affect the music community. Their mission is to create a safety net for critical assistance for musicians in times of need. In a nod to the popularity of the music award show, the hashtag “Grammy in 5 Words” has been trending on Twitter, which is asking users to tweet what the Grammys mean to them in five words. Dylan’s performance at the tribute was a hot topic for the hashtag.

Tweets were being posted furiously when the Grammy nominations were announced. To begin with, one nominee in particular is being disregarded as a possible winner of an award, even though she has been nominated for four. Iggy Azalea is nominated in the categories for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Best Rap Album, Best New Artist and Album of the Year. She is up against artists Sia, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Can she win against those odds? Many on Twitter think not. User @ThinkFord1st said in his tweet, “If Iggy wins a Grammy….,” leaving space for open thoughts or maybe words that could not be said aloud. @HipHopBugle expressed this sentiment: “If Iggy wins we riot.” Ouch. There is no need for rioting. Of the many tweets posted about Azalea, these were among the nicer ones.

Iggy was not the only subject in the Twitter battle to prove who could say more with less. Another hot topic was Swift’s dancing ability, or, for some users, her lack thereof. One tweet read, “Please no Taylor Swift dancing.” Is there a problem with Swift’s dancing? Check it out in the video below.

GrammyPretty awkward? It may depend on who is watching. Women were not the only ones being targeted by the ‘Grammys in 5 Words’ hashtag. One tweet may prove to be funny, but it is not completely certain if anyone will get the joke. @VH1 tweeted, “Best Rap Collaboration Drake + Chair.” Maybe there was a hit-or-miss move involving a chair and Drake, but it is doubtful that it constituted. Is Drake’s best collaboration with a chair? On a positive note, @TheWritersCave tweeted, “Life is meaningless without music.” Music has always been a part of life, but is life without it meaningless?

There was also some controversy when the ‘Grammy in 5 Words’ started. Quite a few people were perturbed by one topic, specifically the failure to nominate pop group One Direction for an award. One thing is certain, however: @CoverGirl is confident that their Cover Girl model will take home an award on Sunday night night, tweeting, “Cover Girl Katy Perry will win.” The 57th Annual Grammy Awards airs Feb. 8.

By Cameasha Rucker-Muhammad


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