Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Preview [Video]


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven, the latest Bandi Namco offering in the Jojo series, was reported to be coming in a preview of projects this past December. While not much is known about the game, there have been some hints and announcements, along with some opportunities to get some information about what is in store. Jump Festa saw the release of the first official trailer, as well as an opportunity to play a demo. That demo revealed “Fight Island” out of Part 2, the battle between AC/DC and Joseph, and “Rocky Mountain Town” out of Steel Ball Run to be stages in the new game. A scan later also made it known that Zepelli and Jonathan Joestar would be coming back from All Star Battle (ASB), as well as Speedwagon, a newcomer.

In addition to new characters being revealed, there was the discovery that the Joestar mansion would become a new Jojo stage. The demo was made available last week for PS4 only on the Japanese PSN. Analyzing the gameplay, there are a few details which will help prepare for playing the full version once it is released. When playing “Fight Island” for example, it is best to play as a Hamon user. Hamon users are able to walk on the spikes in the large pit using Hamon without taking damage. Others will slowly drain health while attempting the same thing. In the same stage, there is a lion statue which, if you are a Stand user, can be picked up and used as a weapon to throw. The same applies to a rake on the “Rocky Mountain Town” stage. That lion statue can also be used to set a trap for Hamon users by sending a Hamon charge through it. As an observation, Joseph is able to pick open treasure chests with tools to be picked up at different points on the map, but how those will or will not be able to be used by other users remains to be discovered.

Information about the controls is slim, but abilities seem to be accessed, if the user has the stamina to select them, with a combination of a main button (one of the 4) and R1. Character selection looks to be important for combination of powers in an attack, in that certain combinations and characters only will have the true DHA. In the instance of Kakyoin and Jotaro using DHA, they combine to fight within a cutscene. When Jotaro and Josuke combine dHA, Jotaro can be seen doing a brief ORAORA, followed by playing a shortened incarnation of the GHA from Josuke in ASB. Determining the different DHAs will be a discovery process in the new game’s final version.

Something which was deliberately hidden on the Jojo demo was on the loading screen. The background holds a pattern of symbols and stars which are representative of various sections of the manga. Like ASB, Parts 5,6, and 8 are represented. There have been no characters announced as playable from those parts which points to possible announcements still to come. With many parts released since ASB, fans are hoping to see more characters represented from their part than just Jojolion and Josuke. They are also hoping that, with Part 6 confirmed, that F.F. and Weather Report will be included in the game. Until its release, Otaku everywhere will be “posing” questions and looking for more previews of  Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, and what new twists and turns will be added to the fan favorite franchise.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Albert Wang – Flickr Image