‘Helix’: ‘Cross-Pollination’ [Recap & Review]


The craziness continued tonight on Helix, as the team of CDC scientists who journeyed to the mysterious island of St. Germain attempted to get the viral outbreak under control. In this episode of Helix, Cross-Pollination, Peter Farragut got a new cell mate in the pit, or oubliette, that Brother Michael imprisoned him in, and Michael’s followers, perhaps finally fed up with his craziness, attempted to mutiny against his authority.

Helix began with a scene of Alan Farragut in his room, waking up. His cuticles were bloody, and he had dim memories of having done something terrible to Dr. Sarah Jordan.

In the future, Mlle. Durant┬árelated to Jules the story of an aristocratic man who fell in love and married a peasant, but the peasant’s “heart belonged to another. The pain was unbearable. He vowed never to feel such pain again.” He burned down the barn that his wife was in, killing her.

She said that the person was Michael, and he had developed a technique to raise apples that sterilize mortals. Durant suggested that this was a better way to deal with the humans than letting loose a virus that would kill them all. She told Walker that the island he lived on was St. Germain.

In the present, Brother Michael was ticked off because his lab “needed to be organized.” Sister Amy told him “People are thinking about leaving the island.”

“Who? Brother Michael asked.

“People,” she replied. Brother Michael told her to to get everybody together and meet in the Dining Hall.

Sister Anne had joined Peter in the oubliette. She told him that she had been framed and Michael put her there. Still, she had faith that whoever had framed her would be exposed. “Michael needs me,” she said.


Brother Michael met with his followers and said that “Currently, this Dining Hall is the safest place in the Abbey, and nobody’s going to leave.”

One follower asked “What about the others? Are we going to leave them to die?” He replied “Yes.” There was a lot of very vocal grumblings. Someone even threw an egg at Brother Michael.

Alan told Dr. Kyle Sommers on Helix “I believe I know where she is.”

Sarah woke up, on a gurney or bed, with a blanket over her. She was bleeding. The cult members might have taken the baby she was carrying. After that brief scene, Helix went to a commercial break.

When Helix came back on, Brother Michael mentioned “plagues, droughts,” and other hardships that can attack on orchard. He said that “Sometimes, sacrifices are necessary.” He talked to some of the pictures on the wall, like Alice, who he said “sowed the seeds of a new generation.”


Sister Amy came into the room and told him that Landry had taken away the man who had spoken out against him, to be punished. Brother Michael told her he did not want the man punished. He told her that the pictures on the wall were people “who had done his will.”

He asked her “Are you ready to receive the proud mantel, Amy? Are you?” He grasped her neck and acted like he was going to kill her, if she answered incorrectly. Then, he let go.

In the pit on Helix, Sister Anne said to Peter that “We have been less than forthcoming.”

Peter then yelled at her about Michael having dropped a basket of rats on his head. She said that she was “tired of trying to always be the sensible one,” and added “Try working with your family.” Peter chuckled and said “I have.” He seemed to be bonding with her, somewhat, on Helix.


Sarah heard screaming on Helix, and she got out of her bed and staggered around. She saw two children there, a boy with his older sister, and a man who was outside of the room with a butcher knife in his hand was calling out for “Amy.”

He said “I know you’re in there.” The man pounded on the door, trying to break in. That was when Helix headed to another commercial break.

Back on Helix, the man continued trying to break in. Eventually, Sarah peered out and said “He’s gone. I’ll be right back.”

The girl told her “Please don’t leave us.” Dr. Sarah Jordan told them both to stay right with her, and they all left together.

Dr Kyle Sommers and Alan talked together as they walked in a darkened hallway. Sommers had a flashlight. They came to a room, and Alan said “Stand back.”

On Helix, Alan said that Sarah had been there, and “They were performing some kind of procedure. There was so much blood — I don’t remember.┬áIt’s Ilaria. They’re working on some alternative to Narvik.”

“Are you telling me that Ilaria is behind Narvik?” Dr. Sommers asked on Helix. He did not believe Alan. He saw some “residual tremors” that Alan displayed, and he asked “Are you sure that you don’t have any memories of last night?”

Back at the pit on Helix, Anne told Peter “This fellowship has thrived for more than 400 years. Michael knows what he’s doing.”

“Look what Michael’s done to you,” Peter told her.

“I know what I’m doing,” she replied. Peter said that Michael would listen to her, adding that she “was the sensible one.”

Back with Dr. Jordan on Helix, the boy said “I miss my mommy.”

The girl said “You need to tell him a story,” Sarah began, and the girl said “No, you have to begin it with ‘Once upon a time.'” She told him a story about a boy she had treated.

Then, the crazy man showed up in the same hallway, and said “Gosh, I sure missed you guys.” After that startling scene, Helix cut to yet another commercial break.

When Helix came back on, Sarah tried to run away. “Hey, kids — have you found a mom already?” Alan showed up and was about to inject him.

“What did you inject him with?” Sarah asked, when the man collapsed.

“Nothing,” Alan said. He told her he was “in the fungal stage,” of the disease. Sarah told Alan that the man was the kids’ father.

Back with Brother Michael on Helix, Amy said “I know who you are. You’re not a god, you’re a freak of nature.”

“You’re a chip of the old block,” Michael told her. He said that he knew how Amy manipulated things. He said he knew about Anne not having been guilty, and told her “Landry’s not man enough for you.”

On Helix, Michael had a plans involving “monkshood,” and other ingredients. He wanted to kill all of the cult members and start over from scratch, with only family members this time around.

“My dear, your life is about to be filled with glorious purpose,” Michael told Amy on Helix. “You will be the mother of a whole new generation.”

“No, I won’t,” she said.

“Yes, you will — with or without your teeth. I admire your fire. Of all my daughters, you’ve always been my favorite,” he told her on Helix, after locking her up in a room full of deadly plants.

Back on Helix, Alan said to Sarah “This machine might be 40 years old. The fetus was very small, maybe a few days old, when you were made Immortal.”

He asked her if she remembered anything from last night. She said she just remembered being attacked by a “mycotic.” She then woke up in the room, all bloody.

“Sarah, I think it wasn’t a mycotic. I think it was me. I think I attacked you,” he told her.

“Do you really hate Immortals that much? You took the baby? Get out, Alan! I don’t want to look at you any longer!” Sarah said to Alan on Helix.

Sister Amy, still trapped inside the unbreakable glass room on Helix, asked Dr. Sommers to “Let me out!” and she said that “Michael’s gone crazy!”

She asked him to let her out, and he said “You know what? I like you better under glass.” He walked away.

Dr. Sommers went to the pit and threw down a rope for Anne and Peter to climb out. Anne told him the flowers that Sommers mentioned he had seen Michael working with were a poison.

On Helix, Anne said that Michael was going to do “a thinning.” Peter said that it was like Heaven’s Gate and Jonestown, “They’re all going to kill themselves,” he said.


Brother Michael told his followers after a commercial break on Helix that the CDC scientists had provided them with “an oral vaccine.” He had some prepared for everyone to drink.

“Is it safe?” asked the man who had thrown the egg.

“I thought that you might ask that,” Brother Michael said. Sister Amy brought over the tray and he took a drink, saying “See? Totally painless.” Helix went to more commercials.

Then on Helix, Peter, Kyle and Anne ran down a hallway trying to stop Brother Michael’s plans. “More than enough to go around,” Brother Michael said. A young boy stumbled and fell down, and everyone around him started to cough and choke. They all were dying, as Peter, Kyle and Anne pounded on the wooden door trying to get in. Michael handed the last boy alive a cup and the boy drank it down. Michael smiled as the boy drank the poison.

That was how Helix concluded tonight. The episode, Cross-Pollination, was another peek at the insanity of Brother Michael and Ilaria, though this episode of Helix focused more on the “present” scenes than the future ones. Following in the Helix tradition, it was yet another twisted, but very cool, episode.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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