‘Helix’: M. Domestica [Recap & Review]


On Helix tonight, the CDC scientists are still discovering all of the mysteries of the mysterious island of St. Germain, and a cult there, led by Brother Michael. Brother Michael, it turned out in the last episode of Helix, Oubliette, is also a “silver eye,” or member of Ilaria, though the CDC scientists do not know this fact, yet. Many of the cult members on St. Germain are his own offspring, and he broke the neck of one of his daughters, Sister Agnes, in the last episode.

As Helix opened, there was what seemed to be a flashback of Dr. Julia Walker and Alan having sex in bed, when they were husband and wife. However, it was actually Julia with Balleseros. They  were late for a board meeting, in which Narvik-C was being discussed by Dr. Pozniak to members of the Ilaria Corporation.


“We must take a more active role in controlling the world’s population,” Dr. Pozniak said.   The board members talked it over, with Jules saying “Call you what you want, it’s genocide.” The members of Ilaria put it to a vote and decided to move on with the plans and only give the cure to essential humans.

Back in the present on Helix, Brother Michael is acting saddened at the news that his daughter, Sister Agnes, had died. Sister Anne, who is actually Michael’s current lover, tries to comfort Michael, who then said “Of all my daughters, you have always been my favorite.”

On Helix, Sister Amy and Sister Anne talked together, and Sister Amy said what Sister Agnes had discovered about Sarah also having silver eyes. On their 20th birthdays, the daughters all become the lovers of Brother Michael. Sister Ann said “You will give me a granddaughter. The line will remain — unbroken.”

On Helix, Brother Michael looked down at Peter in the oubliette, or pit, and asked him to step out in the light. “Let me see your eyes — your real eyes. Are you one of them? Did Ilaria send you?”

“I’m just a scientist,” Peter told him.

Brother Michael asked him if he knew what a “catalyst” was, and Peter answered “yes.” Then, Brother Michael dropped rats into the pit, ones he said had not been fed in a few days, to try to get him to talk and be a catalyst, so to speak, on Helix.

Brother Landry spoke with Sister Amy on Helix, and told her “You should be honored,” that Brother Michael would have her bear him a child. Helix just keeps on getting more and more twisted.

“I don’t want him to be the father of my child. I want it to be someone special,” Sister Amy told Landry. She hinted that she wanted Brother Landry to kill Michael.


At her eulogy on Helix, Brother Michael spoke about what a “caring soul” Sister Agnes was. At the same time, Brother Landry mixed in the infected honey with berries he then passed about the entire congregation.

Dr. Sommers was busy collecting pollen samples on Helix when he heard yelling going on at the Sanctuary. Everybody there had gone crazy from the infected honey, some even biting others as if they were zombies. Dr. Kyle Sommers told Sister Anne they had “a psychotic break,” and needed to be “restrained with ropes before they hurt someone.” Helix went to a commercial break.

When Helix returned, Dr. Julia Walker and Sergio Balleseros discussed what was going down at the Ilaria Corporation. Dr. Walker suggested contacting the CDC. Sergio wondered if that was the best option. She told him that “was their only option.” She showed him “a little souvenir from Arctic BioSystems.” It was a single dose of the antidote.

In the present on Helix, Alan asked to be taken out of his cuffs. “If you don’t let me out of these cuffs, none of us are going to get off the island alive.”

Amy brought Olivia some food to eat. Olivia said that “You may be in the safest place in the whole abbey.”

On Helix, Sister Olivia replied “I’m glad I stabbed that CDC woman. I’d do it again. I mean it. Soren is gone. They killed my son.”

Sister Amy said “I just wish someone would make them all go away.” Sister Olivia took that as her cue to escape. The door was conveniently unlocked, and she left, as Helix went to another commercial break.

When Helix returned, Dr. Sommers asked Sister Anne if the injections would work. She said “My mother was a brilliant scientist.”


Peter climbed up the pit walls and had almost gotten out when an infected Sister looking down at him said the things that they want to disappear goes in the hole, and “Pain goes in the hole.” Peter was hanging from the grate with one hand, and she shoved him back down. The rats scurried forward.

Brother Michael talked with Peter on Helix, and asked him about Sarah. He said “You like those rats. You want to see how many more of them I can fit down there.”

Peter said “If you get me out, I can get you the information.” He told Michael about Sarah. He said “Her baby is Immortal. At least, she thinks that it is.”

“Thank you, Peter. I think we’re going to be great friends.” Michael left him in the pit. He told Landry to get Sarah and bring her to his office.

“Hey! Get me out of here! Michael! Michael! Don’t leave me here!” Peter yelled, but Michael had already walked away. Helix went to another commercial break.

Back on Helix, Sister Amy said “An Immortal child?” Brother Landry said that as what he said and added that maybe the fetus could make them all immortal.

Sister Amy told Brother Landry on Helix “It’s either you kill me, or kill Michael. It’s not until you make a decision that you will know if there’s an ‘us.'” Sister Amy said.

The female Chairperson of Ilaria and Julia discussed the plan to get the CDC scientists involved. “Your plans — they will fail,” the Lady Chairperson said to Julia. She did not want to spend the rest of her life surrounded “by silver-eyed dullards,” she said. She gave Jules a card with the name of a person she should meet on it: “Mlle Durant.”

Brother Michael walked with Brother Landry down a hallway and Brother Michael asked Sister Amy “Is there anything you need to say to me?” They searched Sister Anne’s locker, and found a jar of honey there.

“I have no idea how that got there,” Sister Anne protested.

“You’re the reason they’re all cowering in fear. You brought them here.” Brother Michael told Sister Anne. Sister Amy looked on. Sister Anne said “No, Michael!” and Helix went to yet another commercial break.


Then, on Helix, Dr. Julia Walker met with an elderly lady on a park bench who she thought was Durant. The woman was not Durant, and she got up and left. A young French teen girl, a silver-eye who preferred to wear sunglasses rather than contacts, then walked up and told her “You cannot change the system from within.”

The girl told her “There is much for you to learn and it begins here.” She handed Julia a pendant with a tree on it.

In the present on Helix, we see that the same tree symbol is on a wall of the Abbey. Dr. Sommers said “If these people come to, they’re gong to be extremely violent.” Olivia told everyone that “Now is the time we show these sowers of discord,” that they will stand together. She and others released the cult members from where they had been bound to beds in the Infirmary.

Then on Helix, Brother Landry came up behind Alan/Brother Jerome and placed the mask over his face he had used on the children in an earlier episode. Alan inhaled the same kind of stuff that made the children very violent, and which made them try to kill Dr. Sommers.

At the end of Helix, Dr. Sommers wondered where Alan was. Sarah told him “That’s kind of ironic.” He replied “Hey, I’m just doing my job.”


Alan showed up then. Alan told him they were conducting a room-by-room search for the mycotic patients. Dr. Sommers left, and Alan then picked up Sarah by the throat and started choking her. That was the conclusion of this twisted episode of Helix.

Different people this season of Helix definitely have their own agendas, though sometimes they have to work with others to try to bring about those agendas. Brother Michael has his own vision of the future, as does Sister Amy, who wants to avoid the fate of being the next one of Brother Michael’s daughters to also become his wife. Dr. Julia Walker, the members of Ilaria in Paris, Alan, Kyle, Peter and Sarah all have different goals they would like to see come to past, though sometimes these goals overlap. Tune in next week to find out what happens next on season two of Helix!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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