iOS 9 to Focus on Stability and Bug Fixes

iOS 9

It’s almost that time of the year when the web world gets full of speculations on what to expect from the next version of iOS. While Apple ultimately takes months to come up with the steady version for major release, the rumors continue. This year, industry insiders are already leaking what the new version of iOS is packing. According to those sources, not a whole lot. iOS 9 will focus on stability of the core operating system and fixes for some of the existing bugs.

That’s not like Apple, the company who with every major release of iOS stuns the world with tons of new features and visual enhancements. With iOS 7, iPhone and iPad users entered a completely new world of design that broke away from all the previous designs of iOS.

The legacy continued with Apple’s latest release, iOS 8, too. The company greeted its customers with features like Continuity, Apple Pay and so on. The continued tradition of bringing many new features with each major release of Apple’s mobile operating system is going to be broken this time. For iOS 9, it will be all about focusing on increasing the stability of the operating system and fixing bugs.

Although Apple receives mostly positive response from the world as it releases every major update to its mobile operating system, a constant complain that the company receives from its customers who are using phones older than a year or two is that of stability. Apple tries heavily to make sure the operating system runs as smooth as possible on all supported devices. However, that doesn’t result in success all the time. People write on blogs and internet forums about stability issues and bugs with the new version of iOS on their older device.

As the industry source mentions, Apple wants to ensure the new release is as stable and efficient as it gets. Apparently, the company has delivered enough features with its previous version of iOS to continue going forward a year or two without delivering anything major. Instead, trying to squash bugs and make iOS 9 work better will yield positive results as nothing satisfies users than something that just works.

The news has sparked different levels of opinions from the people. Most people who are using older Apple devices will have a sigh of relief as they are still having issues with their iOS version while others, especially those who have recently gotten an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, will be frustrated for the lack of something new. But if the source turns out to be right, this year’s iOS 9 release will break away from the traditional release full of surprises.

A quick look over at all the iOS releases over the years releases how much Apple packs in each of its major iOS versions. Ever since iOS 4, Apple has continued to include new features such as FaceTime, iBooks, Multitasking, iCloud, iMessage, Apple Maps, Passbook, etc. The latest iOS 8 also had its fair share of new features including Apple Pay, Apple Healthkit, HomeKit, iCloud Drive, support for third-party keyboard, etc.

Since Apple hasn’t officially announced anything regarding its iOS 9 yet, it’s hard to be sure what the company is cooking up behind the scene. But as the new leak comes from a very trusted source with a good previous track record of leaks being true, iPhone and iPad users around the world may brace themselves for iOS 9 that focuses on improving stability, fixing bugs, and giving a pleasant user experience.

By Aminul Islam Sajib





Image courtesy: wicker_man – Creativecommons Flickr License

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