Nicki Minaj Claims Birdman Refusal to Nightclub Was Coincidence



Nicki Minaj is claiming that Birdman’s recent refusal to the West Hollywood nightclub at which she was said to be engaging in a pre-Grammy celebration was nothing more than a coincidence, and nothing at all to do with the recent feud between Birdman and Lil’ Wayne regarding the record label Cash Money. She is remaining adamant that it is in her best interest to stay out of the pair’s conflict, regardless of how connected she is to the situation (given that she is a client of Wayne’s inter-label company, Young Money.)

The conflict began early Sunday morning, when Birdman was refused entry to 10AK nightclub in WeHo after arriving at 1:45am. The club closed at 2:00am, and this is the reason that door staff gave as why the rap mogul could not enter. There was speculation that, even though there was still 15 minutes left on the clock in terms of bar time, Birdman was only denied access to the club because Minaj was present inside and she did not want the 45-year-old’s company due to the aforementioned record label battle between the two aforementioned individuals. However, sources close to Minaj say that this is simply untrue.

Said sources have given the statement that if Birdman had simply wanted a quick drink or two, the circumstances may have been different. However, the man wanted to order bottle service and therefore his presence could not be accommodated given the time of night he was looking to do so at. Not only that, but Minaj had reportedly already left the club and gone on her way when Birdman and his crew arrived at the venue, therefore making the possibility of her presence causing an issue a virtual impossibility and nothing more than blatant speculation. Furthermore, the house lights at the club were said to have been already raised when the producer arrived, meaning that venue officials were getting ready to shut down for the night regardless of who showed up or why.

Minaj and her other Young Money associates, namely Drake, are reportedly doing their best to keep themselves distant from Birdman and Lil’ Wayne’s vicious legal war against each other. This notion has been speculated as being overly optimistic to many, given that Weezy has laid down the gauntlet regarding the fact that he wants to take all of his YM proteg├ęs with him if and when he finally breaks his ties with Cash Money. He believes that the music of Minaj, Drake, Christina Milian, and Lil’ Twist should be in his own right given he took them under his wing upon creating his aforementioned inter-label Young Money. However, Universal Music (the company that oversees both labels), reportedly has a distribution deal set up with all of the artists involved with both labels. This will potentially make Lil’ Wayne’s quest to commandeer all of the artists in question slightly more difficult than he may have anticipated.

It remains to be seen whether Nicki Minaj’s claims that she was not involved in Birdman’s denial to 10Ak nightclub is legitimate or not. For now, however, sources say that the rapper is 100 percent adamant she had nothing to do with the incident in question whatsoever.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Tom Overlie – License

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  1. Speculations, speculations,speculations! Only both party knows what happened. It’s up to them to say the truth or not. Most of the time speculations mislead us.

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