The Originals: The Devil Is Damned [Recap/Review]

The Originals

Brothers and sister reunited in this week’s The Originals, titled The Devil Is Damned. At the same time, the powers that Hope has—because she cannot be normal with a hybrid father and werewolf mother—were revealed and the werewolf pack ruled by Hayley and Jackson is growing stronger. There is a lot going on at the moment.

Last week’s episode of The Originals had Finn realize that baby Hope was still alive, and he wants to find her. Protected by magic, she is hidden well. However, eldest aunty Freya wants to get her hands on her too and is willing to help. The two work together, but Freya is on limited time.

Her secret to everlasting beauty is, of course, magic. Dahlia placed her into a deep sleep. Every 100 years for one year only, she would wake and spend time on earth. That has happened for a thousand years so far, and this is her year out of the box. Dahlia made sure she got the first child born into the family, which Freya never thought much of, since her siblings were vampires. However, now there is a child and Freya needs to find her. Finn wants her presumably to destroy her, since Esther told him all about the misery that she would cause.

Freya needs Hayley’s blood for her location spell to work. Finn turns to Marcel to get that.

The main three siblings are back together on The Originals—in a roundabout way. They speak over speaker phone to find out if Freya really is their big sister. Of course, they also want to know if Dahlia is still alive, too. Klaus is angry that Rebekah did not find out about their aunty, but she did have other things to worry about. Elijah does point out that they all have something else to worry about; Hope!

There is more bad news on The Devil Is Damned, this week’s episode of The Originals. Aiden turns to Klaus, saying that Marcel is a prisoner. Of course, final brother Kol turns up with the news of his new curse. He wants to get on the right side of Klaus to take Finn down, and shares that Finn is after Klaus’ secret. The hybrid knows exactly what is happening.

Klaus believes he has the perfect solution for Finn. Use the same curse as Finn used on Kol and then kill him.

Cami is still helping Elijah control his mind, again, but as Hope cuts her head, Elijah is thrown back into the dark place in his mind. Cami sees that and decides it is time to try something different. It is time to work on some home renovation.

Meanwhile in the bayou on The Originals, Hayley and Jackson have good news. Other wolf packs want to unite for more power. They will recognize Jackson as their alpha, but Hayley wonders why they are really doing this. He is honest, which makes a change for The Originals, and tells her they want to change at will and only they can bring them that option.

Marcel is even honest with Hayley when he turns up. He tells her that Finn knows all about Hope and needs Hayley’s blood. Every hour, a vampire will die, so Marcel really has no choice.

Kol seems to be changing sides again. When Kol is worried about helping Klaus, he gets a call from Finn with the offer that could lead to the curse being lifted. So, he returns to Klaus and tells him that he is not the bad guy, but the unfortunate one. He has a family who simply does not care about him. Klaus, fed up with the whining, tells Kol that he is a Mikaelson and Klaus does need his help. So, in more honesty on The Originals—what is happening?—Kol tells Klaus all about Finn’s need for his blood. He offers Klaus the chance to go digging into his mind.

It soon turns out that it was all a wild goose chase. Finn wanted his brothers and sister distracted to get to Arkansas to get to Hope. Hayley finds out and wants to get there, but Marcel tells her to trust Elijah. He will protect his niece. That would be fine if Finn was not so powerful thanks to channeling the magic of his parents.

Kol knows he cannot fight the power, but he can disrupt it by increasing it. Finn will become so overwhelmed that he either releases it or dies.

Elijah holds Finn off making him believe that Hope is inside, but Cami is running errands with the baby. Kol decides to up his power by channeling some of the dark objects and Rebekah’s power. When it is not enough, Klaus offers himself up and it is just enough for Kol to be successful. Finn collapses, along with the now-woken vampires at the bayou.

Finn is not finished, though. He realizes that Elijah goes into a frenzy at the sight of blood, and uses that to make him want to feast on Hope. During the fight on The Originals, though, gas has leaked into the house and Elijah removes his daylight ring. A spark happens and the house explodes, with Cami returning just in time to see it.

There was plenty of action in this week’s episode, with a silver lining. Hope’s powers manifest considering she is part witch, part werewolf and part vampire. Will it be enough from the aftermath of The Originals’, The Devil Is Damned?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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