Jamie Brewer First Model With Down Syndrome in NY Fashion Week

Jamie Brewer

Jamie Brewer has become the first model with Down syndrome to walk down a New York Fashion Week runway. The actress, now also a model, is famous for her different roles in the series American Horror Story.

Brewer, who is an activist advocating for the inclusion of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, was elected when she was only 19 years old to the board of the Texas Arc, an organization that works with individuals with disabilities and their families. Jamie Brewer has demonstrated once more that there are no barriers if someone truly wants to pursue her dreams.

The young actress has said that when other young girls and women see her, they say that if Jamie Brewer can, so can they. She believes having the opportunity to be a role model to them, encouraging them to be themselves and to not be afraid to show it, is a “true inspiration.”

About her first steps in the modeling world, Jamie has declared she was very excited to take part in this project; she has also said the experience was amazing and explained how women have different sides to their personality and how the dress she wore fitted hers.

Carrie Hammer is the woman who has counted on Jamie Brewer to be the first model with Down syndrome in a New York fashion week catwalk. Jamie has modeled for Hammer as part of the latter’’s campaign, “Role Models not Runway Models,” which started last year.

Through her fashion, Hammer wants to represent her clients. It was from this idea that her campaign was born: featuring the women who wear her designs, strong women who are the heads of important non-profit organizations or leaders of big companies. In Carrie Hammer’s words these are “women “who just rock.”” In her first show, she counted on Dr. Danielle Sheypunk, who modeled in a wheelchair.

After the beginning of the campaign, many women contacted Hammer to thank her. It was in one of those hundreds of emails that she found one that really moved her. Katie Driscoll, who had helped to found the non-profit “Changing the Face of Beauty”, had written to her thanking her for making such a difference.

Katie Driscoll’’s organization advocates for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the media. In her email, apart from thanking Hammer, she also asked if a model with a disability could be included in one of her fashion shows. Driscoll’’s daughter, Grace, was born with Down syndrome and her mother wanted a good role model for her child to see that anything is possible.

When Hammer asked for a suggestion to Driscoll, Brewer’’s name popped up and she came to be the first model with Down Syndrome in a New York Fashion Week. Brewer was wearing an A-line black dress inspired in the darkness and the bewitching tone of American Horror Story. Carrie Hammer has said about Jamie Brewer that she nailed it from the beginning, even when others were nervous and scared. She called the actress an absolute star and said that if the TV does not work for her any more she can always become a model.

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USA Today

Photo by Peter Duhon – Flickr License

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