Jamie Dornan Is Not Leaving Fifty Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan

News spread over the last two days that Jamie Dornan was leaving Fifty Shades of Grey, but his reps have confirmed that it not the case. The actor will reprise his role as Christian Grey in the next two movies. His wife is not making him quit the role, knowing that many women around the world now lust after him.

Dornan has gone as far to say that he is looking forward to the next movies. He loves the idea that the first Fifty Shades of Grey has broken box office records around the world. The studio has not yet officially confirmed it will work on the next two movies, but Dornan is looking forward to them. He will be part of them, despite complaining that he had no on-screen chemistry with Dakota Johnson, because she would not give him anything to work with.

Dornan’s rep told People on Wednesday that he will definitely take on the role again. The rep also said that the actor would not speak on the matter further, but it has brought an end to the rumors that have been spreading.

Over the last couple of days, social media was lit with Dornan allegedly quitting the role. Rumors spread that his wife, Amelia Warner, was so uncomfortable with the role that she wanted him to leave it. However, she had not seen the movie—just heard about it. Dornan and Warner had already discussed the role before he took it, and they agreed that it would not change their relationship. Dornan had said that his wife was uncomfortable with the role, and would probably not see the movie.

It has now been confirmed that Dornan will not leave the Fifty Shades of Grey role. That is good news for Universal, since it means not having to find someone else for the role. Rumors included that the sequel was supposed to start filming in June. However, there are some issues with that. First of all, the studio has not yet official green-lit the film.

Sam Taylor-Johnson has also not been confirmed as the director for the next two movies. Her contract was only for the first movie. It is possible that she will join the team after the success of the first movie, but her relationship with Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James may cause problems for that. James wants to write the next two screen plays, and there were reportedly arguments behind the scenes between Taylor-Johnson and James.

It is thought that Dornan and Johnson were signed on for the sequel movies if they were to be created. That has not been confirmed, but it could have caused problems for Dornan to walk away from the role. However, it would not be the first time an actor has gotten out of a contract early.

Fans will be happy to hear that they may see Dornan back on the screens as Christian Grey. The decision to walk away will not be his to make, but it is up to the studio as to whether the sequels happen. Dornan will definitely not leave the Fifty Shades of Grey role out of choice.

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