Nickelodeon Debuting Pre-K Streaming Service


It looks like everyone is jumping on the streaming service bandwagon, as Nickelodeon is debuting its own one for Pre-K-aged children. The new service, called Noggin, will debut in March. It will include TV shows that are no longer on the Nickelodeon group of channels.

Many people agree that streaming services is the way to go for TV networks. People want to be able to watch online, because they give them the freedom to watch at a time that suits them. The likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video have all helped to show that people want streaming from others. Even HBO is looking into streaming-only services to prevent the need for the cable subscription.

Now Nickelodeon is looking at jumping onto the bandwagon. It will release Noggin as a way to offer Pre-K children the chance to learn while being entertained. Programs like Blues Clues, which was highly popular during the late-90s and early-00s, will appear on the new Nickelodeon service. The company will dig into the archives to get the old popular shows that are no longer aired. They are designed to help teach children things like shapes and letters. There will also be activities and games to help children learn before they go to Kindergarten.

The new service will cost $6 per month for parents. It could be money well worth spent if it helps with development. For that price, there will be no advertisements, which often mean children get bored and find something else to do. The new Nickelodeon streaming service for Pre-K children will debut next month.

Apple customers will be the first to get their hands on this new service. It will be released to those with various mobile devices. Android users will get it later. Showing only archived footage will also keep the streaming service separate from current Nickelodeon channels.

While all the videos will be archived Nickelodeon shows, there is hope that fresh episodes will come later. However, the company wants to see if there is a call for this service first. There is little to lose when the programs are already there. These are programs that did not get the interest through Nick Jr., but Nickelodeon hopes that being online will encourage more to watch them.

The new Nickelodeon streaming service will not replace any of the current four channels. The channels will remain the core business. At the moment, there are no plans to expand the streaming service, but things may change if this proves to be successful.

There are a lot of questions over whether something like this is viable for Nickelodeon. While there are successful streaming services, they took the time to build to where they are today. It is now much harder for newer companies to break in. The big benefit for Nickelodeon is that some of the older shows will be ones that parents remember from when they were children. They may want to encourage their own children to watch them to bring back their own memories. The Nickelodeon Pre-K streaming service will be debuted next month for Apple users.

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