Jim Parsons to Play God

ParsonsJim Parsons, who is best known for his portrayal of the scientist Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, is taking on a new role as God in a play on Broadway. In his return to Broadway, the actor is set to portray the Creator in the upcoming play, An Act of God. The play is set to premier May 5th at Studio 54, with an official opening date of May 28th and will have a limited run.

An Act of God is based on a book titled, The Last Testament: A Memoir by God. The book is said to be an autobiography that was apparently told to former head writer and executive producer of the Daily Show, David Javerbaum. He is also the person said to be responsible for the Twitter handle, @TheTweetofGod. Javerbaum asserts that he is only transcribing conversations with God, and that the play itself is a 90 minute discussion. In that discussion, God is not only explaining the apparent mysteries of the Bible but is also answering questions that are considered to be existential and that have been plaguing mankind for awhile now. For many the irony is not lost that Parsons, who can be seen on a show called The Big Bang Theory will be discussing the Six Days of Creation, and explaining the story in God’s own words.

The Broadway play is set to be directed by Joe Mantello who won a Tony for directing Wicked. Not only will Parsons be portraying God in this new play, but there will apparently be two Angels as well. As of now the casting for the Angels has not been announced yet.

Word of the play was announced in a statement apparently released by God himself to Entertainment Weekly. God is said to have appreciated the irony of Parsons portraying a scientist on his hit show, and that it was part of the reason he was chosen for this part. He also likes the fact that the actor is funny. On the choice to open at Studio 54, God says that this was previously one of the most God-less places around, and therefore there was irony in that choice as well. The choice to have Mantello direct however was not an ironic choice. Instead, the statement from God seemed to indicate that he was a fan of Wicked.

Parsons let his fans know that he would be playing God via a message on Instagram to his followers, in which he says he will be looking for divine intervention for his new role. In the picture posted on the social media site, the actor has his hands clasped as in prayer with a message about his upcoming spot as God. Parsons not only expresses his excitement about the role but asks his fans to come out and see him when it starts in early May. God also left a message on a social media about the upcoming play. In the Tweet, God said that he would be making his appearance on Broadway and that he would be Parsons. In fact, he told his followers that they should get ready.

By Kimberley Spinney


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