Jimmy Fallon in Three-Way Lip Sync Battle With Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this special Super Bowl Sunday edition, live from the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, Fallon’s guests included musical guest Ariana Grande, the New England Patriots, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Both Hart and Ferrell will be starring in the upcoming movie, Get Hard. Jimmy Fallon, for the very first time ever, had a three-way Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, in a comedy bit that was both hilarious and memorable. The Tonight Show will be on the road in Los Angeles the entire next week, following tonight’s episode.

Jimmy Fallon began this special Super Bowl episode of the Tonight Show with a comedy monologue, in which he joked about topics in today’s headlines, like…the Super Bowl. He said he read that “more than 100 million people tuned in to the Super Bowl. In response, NBC will air it every Thursday night.”

Jimmy Fallon then criticized the Super Bowl ads, calling them “bummers.” He did a comedy bit called “The Scooter Bowl,” in which he sent out a reporter to interview people and ask them questions about “The Sewer Bowl,” “The Jewish Troll,” and other made-up alternatives to the Super Bowl.

Fallon also said John Travolta was at the Super Bowl, and he saw Idina Menzel there. He imitated Travolta, getting the name Menzel right, but screwing up saying “the Super Bowl.” He then mentioned awards that other Super Bowl players got, in a special segment of “Tonight Show Superlatives.” Rob Gronkowsky was “Voted Most Likely to be the Love Child of Tom Brady and a New Born Baby.” Danny Amindola was “Voted Most Likely to Look the Same if His Eyes and Eyebrows Switched Places.” Michael Bennett of the Seahawks was “Voted Most Likely to be in the Middle of Separating into Two People.”

The house band, The Roots, played Jimmy Fallon to his desk, and Fallon mentioned that Michael Keaton and Gwen Stefani will be on the show tomorrow night from Los Angeles. Then, Fallon announced tonight’s guests, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, and he said “I know what I’m going to be singing, and I’m going to win.” Three New England Patriots football players, he said, would also be on, and musical guest, Ariana Grande.

He, The Roots, and a couple of guests did an impromptu version of We Are the Champions. The
guests were Sam Smith, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Usher, Christina Aguilera and more. It was uber cool!

Arnold Schwarzenegger came out right before the first commercial break and said “We’ll be back!” The first commercial shown was, of course, a trailer for Terminator: Genysis.

Jimmy Fallon introduced Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell from Get Hard and they both danced on the stage before taking a seat. Will had a Seattle Seahawks hoodie on.

“I taught Will a lot. But, you taught me a lot. It was vice-versa,” Kevin Hart said. He said he taught Will Ferrell to “pop.”

Jimmy Fallon said that the premise of Get Hard was that Will Ferrell is a white collar criminal, but he gets sent to a tough, San Quentin-like prison. Will Ferrell assumes that, because of Kevin Hart’s color, he would be good to teach him how to be tough in jail, so he could survive.

Fallon showed a clip of what Ferrell should do if there is a prison riot. The scene takes place in Ferrell’s wine cellar, which has been converted into a prison. It was pretty funny, especially the last couple of seconds of the clip.

When the Tonight Show came back after a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart engaged in the first-ever three-way Lip Sync Battle. They took turns lip syncing parts of songs, and Fallon said they would do two songs each.

Will Ferrell began, with a song by “the Queen Bee,” saying “Here’s a little Drunk in Love.” He was INCREDIBLE! He even nodded his head and did some of Beyonce’s dance moves.

Jimmy Fallon said “My first song is by Kelly Clarkson.” He lip synced to Since You’ve been Gone. Fallon got down, and on his knees for a part of the song, donning a partial leather glove.

Kevin Hart was up, next. Fallon said “Is the mic too high for you, buddy?” and he lowered it for Hart. “I’m gonna slow it down a little bit.” He lip synced All of Me by John Legend. The females in the audience went wild. Will Ferrell looked smitten as Kevin got on his knees and sang to him. Ferrell pretended to cry, then act like he was about to kiss Hart, who slapped his face.

Will Ferrell then lip synced to Idina Menzel’s song, Let It Go. He really pulled out all the stops, getting very theatrical and doing all of the gestures from the movie, Frozen.

Jimmy Fallon did I Had the Time of My Life from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Drew Barrymore came onstage and danced and lip synced with Fallon. He showed he had torn the knees of his pants during the remarkable performance with Barrymore.

Kevin Hart’s final song was one Katy Perry did during the Super Bowl halftime, Roar. He danced like Perry did, sort of, and Fallon, Ferrell, and Barrymore also danced behind him. He had the audience pumped up and cheering and on their feet the entire time he was lip syncing to Roar.

The New England Patriots players were Fallon’s next guests. Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell stood behind the NFL players. One of the Patriots got a pair of scissors and cut off Ferrell’s sleeves.

“Congrats! You must be on Cloud 9 now,” Fallon said. “Can you explain how you feel in one word?”

One of the Patriots said “It’s an amazing feeling.” Fallon told him “That’s more than one word.”

“Your champions, the New England Patriots!” Jimmy Fallon said, then announced that Ariana Grande would be singing next. The Tonight Show then went to yet another break.

Ariana Grande then sang a song from her album, My Everything. She was dressed all in black, looking beautiful, as always. She WAILED and rocked the place out with her performance.

The special post-Super Bowl edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was amazing. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart were great, and the first-ever three-way Lip Sync Battle was INCREDIBLE. The three New England Patriots who were briefly interviewed also made the episode special, as did the terrific performance by Fallon’s musical guest, Ariana Grande.

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village (The photo is of Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon from the January 15, 2015 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, as there were not any photos yet posted from the post-Super Bowl episode)
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