Jimmy Fallon on the Road With Vin Diesel and Carl Reiner [Video]

Jimmy Fallon
On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Wednesday, February 4, Fallon was still on the road in Los Angeles, and he and the show will be all the rest of this week. Fallon’s guests were actor Vin Diesel from The Fast & the Furious 7, and comedian Carl Reiner. Jimmy Fallon was in a Saved By the Bell skit with several of the original cast members of the show. Also, basketball great, Kobe Bryant, stopped by and the two musical guests on the Tonight Show were Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson.

At the start of the show, when Jimmy Fallon walked out onto the stage, he got a standing ovation from the studio audience. He then launched into his nightly comedy monologue, joking about the latest topics in today’s headlines, like the recent measles outbreak. He said “Today, Disneyland opened up a new ride. It’s called ‘A Smallpox World.'”

Fallon then cracked jokes about Hillary Clinton and the dancing sharks at Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show. He mentioned the big snowstorm that has hit the East Coast, and showed a clip of someone on skis being pulled behind a car. He said that he heard a pack of Cub Scouts accidentally hiked a trail on the West Coast that led to a nude beach.

Fallon also said that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue would be out in stores soon. Fallon said he was going to show everyone the front cover, and he and Steve Higgins did just that. He said “If only the cover swimsuit model was here right now….” The model, Hannah Davis, came onto the stage, and then she walked off arm-in-arm with Higgins.

Then, the Tonight Show house band, The Roots, played Jimmy Fallon to his desk and he asked Higgins if he had fun last night. “Oh, so much fun,” Higgins said. Fallon said he had dinner last night with people like Don Rickles, Tim Conway, Bob Newhart, and Harvey Korman.

“Tomorrow night, our pal Will Smith will be here, and Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl.” He then said that tonight, Vin Diesel and “comedy legend,” Carl Reiner will be there, and NBA legend, Kobe Bryant. He also mentioned that the musical guests would be Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson.

Jimmy Fallon

Then, Fallon was in a Saved By the Bell skit in which he was back in high school. Special guest stars from Saved By the Bell were also there, like Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley, and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Gosselaar’s character, Zack, talked about his “newest friend, Jimmy Fallon.” Zack spoke to him in rhymes.

Mario Lopez played Slater in the skit. He talked about the upcoming Big Dance, and his date for it, Jessie Spano, played by Elizabeth Berkley. Mario/Slater said he “was born ready” for the Big Dance. He ripped off his clothes, and he was wearing a leotard underneath them. He then danced about like a ballet dancer.

Then, Zack got a phone call from his date, Kelly Kapowski, with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen reprising her role as his girlfriend. He said that she would be there any minute. They asked Jimmy who his date would be, and he said he did not have one. He said he was going to New York and going to be on Saturday Night Live.

When Zack’s date showed up, she was dressed like a cheerleader. Kelly told him “You and I have to talk. I’m pregnant.”

Over the intercom, the principal said “This song goes out to Jimmy Fallon and his friends at Bayside.” Everyone danced to the song Friends Forever as the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon then introduced Vin Diesel. The actor talked about when he first came out to California. “A year-and-a-half later, I still didn’t have an agent,” he said. He became a bouncer, but just two nights a week, and he taught an abs class at a local gym. He also got a telemarketing job, and played his boss, “offering a discount.” He said he “had two phones and worked 18 hours a day.”

“Did you know that The Fast & the Furious franchise would be so big when you did the first film?”

Vin Diesel said that he actually met Paul Walker right there, in that studio, for the first time. He talked about letting the fans on Facebook determine who the villain would be for Furious 7. Then, Fallon showed a very cool clip from the movie. It looks like a Must See flick, especially for fans of the popular franchise.

Jimmy Fallon

“Our next guest is a true comedy icon,” Jimmy Fallon said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one, the only, Carl Reiner!” The studio audience gave him a standing ovation. Carl has been on every incarnation of the Tonight Show so far.

“You are the most versatile,” of the 15 hosts the show has ever had, Reiner said about Fallon. He added “He sings, dances and takes chances.” Reiner mentioned he would be 92 next month.

Carl Reiner talked about his first appearance on TV and sang a song in which he made faces, saying that the original routine was about a man who was a great radio singer, but he would not be able to make it on TV. Fallon then held up two children’s books that Carl Reiner wrote, and showed on an iPad a part of it in which a cartoon version of Jimmy Fallon had fallen into a hole. Carl then gave Fallon a Fisher Space Pen like the one he gave Johnny Carson. He said Carson had looked at his, and said “Hmm…a silver suppository.”

Jimmy Fallon

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from a break, Fallon showed a clip from a documentary about Kobe, who came onstage with his right arm in a sling. Fallon asked Kobe “Where should I eat in L.A.?” He said he had been asking everybody that question.

Jimmy Fallon then showed photos of how he and Kobe looked back in 1996. They talked about going on a “beer run” together. They knocked on a glass and said “we want beer.” The guy inside said he could not sell beer like that, he had to deliver it. Kobe pulled out his wallet stuffed with money and said “I’m a Laker,” and they got their beer.

Kobe talked to Fallon about the documentary, saying that “it was easy,” for him. Fallon then showed Kobe’s new sneakers off, and said that everybody in The Roots was wearing them. Fallon said “Congratulations, dude! You’re one of the greatest ever!” Then, before the Tonight Show went to another break, Fallon said that Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson would be singing together next.

Jimmy Fallon

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson sang their new song, Trouble, off of Iggy’s latest album. Iggy was dressed in a revealing, cheerleader-like outfit, showing off her midriff. Jennifer was dressed more conservatively, but had thigh-high boots on. The song was awesome, and they both rocked out together. Hudson’s voice soared to the rafters, and Iggy’s rapping skills were on display in the song. It will likely be a big hit for both singers.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was excellent tonight, with a ton of cool guests. Fallon’s guests Carl Reiner and Vin Diesel were great, as well as his musical guests, Jennifer Hudson and Iggy Azalea; but, the additional guests like supermodel Hannah Davis, and the four original cast members of Saved By the Bell, made the show even better.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and original cast members in Saved By the Bell skit

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