Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Pictionary’ With Kevin Bacon and Don Cheadle

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Jimmy Fallon

This Friday, February 20 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the guests were amazing as usual. Kevin Bacon, who stars in The Following, was one of Fallon’s guests, as was comedienne and actress, Amy Sedaris, who voices one of the characters in the hilarious Netflix adult animated series, Bojack Horseman. Jimmy Fallon also did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy segment. Then, a bit later in the episode, Fallon played a game of Pictionary with Kevin Bacon and his special guests, Don Cheadle and Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas was also the musical guest tonight.

Jimmy Fallon was at his humorous best on the Tonight Show. He said “This is a hot crowd!” and he joked and quipped about subjects from the headlines in his monologue, like the Oscars this coming Sunday. Each gift bag the actors will receive are worth $165,000 dollars, he said.

Then, Jimmy Fallon made jokes about a program of President Obamas’ giving fourth graders and their parents free access to public parks for a year. He then joked about Biden going to New Hampshire next week, saying he “just wanted to see the new hamster.” Biden also “wanted to keep each woman in New Hampshire warm.” Jimmy Fallon showed the clip of Biden holding the shoulders of the wife of the Secretary of Defense and smelling her hair.

Jimmy Fallon had a new segment called “Who are you texting?” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg texted “I need more proof.” That text was sent to the makers of Jack Daniels.

Researchers have discovered why weed gives people an appetite. Their boss told them “Nobody asked you to study that.” Walmart announced that they would be giving their employees a 40 percent raise. Fallon said “Finally, they will have enough money to shop at Target.”

Jimmy Fallon said that Kevin Bacon would be the first guest tonight, and he would play Pictionary later with a couple of special guests. Also he said that “Our friend, Amy Sedaris, will be here,” and the musical guest would be singer Nick Jonas.

Jimmy Fallon had James Posey play the “Thank You Note” music, and he and announcer Steve Higgins got Posey to laugh. Some of the “Thank You Notes,” follow.

“Thank you, Ben & Jerry’s,” Jimmy Fallon said, “for releasing your new ice cream, Tonight Show Dough –just in time for Lent.” “Thank You, Joseph Clancy, for being named the new head of the Secret Service — though, if you were really good at your job, we wouldn’t know about it.” “Thank You, paper cutters, for basically being guillotines we store in classrooms with 6-year-olds.” “Thank You, laughing students on the covers of college brochures, for basically saying that all of these people must apply to your race and gender.”

When the Tonight Show came back after a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon welcomed back actor Kevin Bacon to the Tonight Show. Fallon said that the last time Kevin was on the show, they would come up with something special, the “Angry Warehouse Dance.” Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon then had a Dance-Off in a warehouse.

Kevin Bacon said he had to go out and rent his own movie, Footloose, because he did not own a copy of it. Bacon said that people now come up to him and tell him that the “most moving thing they have seen him do is on Jimmy Fallon.”

Kevin Bacon talked about having gone to an 80s party. He told Jimmy Fallon that nobody was allowed to take photos there, but “a lot of people there were dressed like Duckie, played by Jon Cryer.”

Jimmy Fallon told Bacon “Congratulations,” on his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. They then talked about The Following episode “What’s In the Box?” of this season, in which everybody was scared to find out what is in a box.

Jimmy Fallon challenged Kevin Bacon to play a game of Pictionary. Bacon agreed, then told Fallon about an app that helps you learn a foreign language. His make-up artist wondered why he was talking like he was, and Bacon said “It’s Spanish.” The make-up artist said “No, in that kind of voice.” Bacon said he realized he had been talking like Antonio Banderas.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced the special guests who would be playing Pictionary with them. Don Cheadle played on Bacon’s team, and Nick Jonas played on Fallon’s team.

Kevin Bacon went first. He drew a “Person.” It was not exactly a person, though — it was supposed to be “King Kong.” Cheadle did not get it in time.

Jimmy Fallon drew first for his team. It was a “Place,” really more like a “Thing.” He was supposed to draw the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Nick got that it was a building, and said “a leaning tower,” right after the buzzer. The judges did not give Fallon the points.

Don Cheadle drew “Seasick,” next. “This is an action, but I don’t really think so,” he said. Kevin Bacon did not guess the answer correctly, though Don drew the letter “C.”

Nick Jonas had the category of “Object.” He was supposed to draw a “Double Decker Bus.” Falon though it was a train. He did not guess correctly, at all.

Then, they had a round in which they drew the same clue at the same time. Nick went head-to-head drawing against Kevin Bacon. “Beer Belly,” was the phrase they were trying to get across to Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon. Neither one answered correctly. Fallon decided to “Call it a draw,” and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

After the break, Jimmy Fallon introduced the lovely comedienne, author and actress, Amy Sedaris, to the show. She has been a frequent guest before, and is always quirky and funny. Fallon said that she sometimes “steals things from our dressing room.” She returned something she had taken the last time.

“What is going on with your hair?” Jimmy Fallon asked her.

“I’ve been drinking horse placenta,” she replied. She said she had bought a wig that was very expensive, and she wanted Fallon to help her come up with a “character” to match the wig. Jimmy Fallon told her she could be a Shop At Home character. Fallon then put on a wig, and they both looked into the camera and said “Call Now!” Then, Fallon put on a wig with long braided ponytials.

“Oh, my God! I love that!” Amy said. “Like Land O’ Lakes — you could wear that on a butter commercial,” Amy said.

Amy said “There’s a little bald spot up here. It’s not ringworm, really.” She then showed Jimmy Fallon some doll wigs that she brought along with her. She told Fallon that she once went to bar tending school and had a certificate and everything. Then, Amy and Jimmy Fallon sang a country song together, wearing their crazy-looking wigs.

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show went to another commercial break. When it came back, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest, Nick Jonas. Jonas sang Chains from his self-titled album. Women in the background kept the song’s rhythm playing drums, and swaying their hips. Nick Jonas did a great job singing, and the women behind him looked pretty hot, as well. He hit some pretty high notes in the falsetto range as he sang. Chains sounded like it will probably be a big hit for him.

Jimmy Fallon had an awesome show this Friday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Whenever actor Kevin Bacon and comedienne Amy Sedaris have been on the show, they have always been interesting and entertaining guests. Then, one of the most popular singers of today, Nick Jonas, topped off the incredible night by singing the song Chains from his album, Nick Jonas.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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