Jon Stewart is Leaving “The Daily Show”

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is leaving “The Daily Show” after fifteen years of using his witty political knowledge to reach young audiences. He is scheduled to discuss his retirement from the show Tuesday evening when the show airs. Earlier, Stewart jokingly tweeted to his fans that this would be the one interview worth watching.

Comedy Central confirmed the news after Stewart let it slip on last week’s set. Reps at Comedy central ensure fans that “The Daily Show” is not going anywhere; it is pulling in some of the most views for the company and thus, it remains its most important brand. While Jon was on the show as an anchor, twenty Emmys were won by the show. The show also set the stage for up and coming comedic talents that have great success now but only started as a correspondent for Jon. Some of these people include Steve Carrel, John Oliver, and Larry Wilmore.

The show was a pillar for political comedy that is so popular in this generation, says Michelle Ganeless, the president of the channel. Stewart’s announcement of his leave comes only a couple of months after his political comedy companion, Colbert, left his long-time gig, “The Colbert Report.”

The channel has not confirmed when Stewart will be leaving, just that it will be this year in 2015. Over 130,000 tweets have already been tweeted regarding Stewart’s released statement.

Jon Stewart has mentioned he may choose to delay his leave to cover the 2016 elections. However, he also said in an interview that he wants to move to other things rather than just stick to what he is good at.

Despite the political party to which they belonged, hundreds of politicians, celebrities, and other notable figures have spoken on “The Daily Show,” interviewed by Stewart. Even high up politicians like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Senator John McCain have appeared on the show.

Jon Stewart recently resigned his contract, which surprised some viewers given his long stay as the show’s anchor already. The details of his contract are unknown but he intends to finish out the year; leaving in the summer of 2015 at the earliest.

In 2013, Stewart departed from the Comedy Central scene to venture in movie making when he created Rosewater, a documentary about tensions in the middle east. Fans expect that he may continue on this road of political criticism through outlets such as movies and other medias that may be new to Stewart. Jon Stewart leaving “The Daily Show” will have an impact on “fake news” entertainment politics.

In a recent study done by Pew, 12 percent of the responders received their political information from “The Daily Show,” which compares to 12 percent that received their political information for USA Today, and 10 percent from the Wall Street Journal.

While fans joked that Stewart would replace NBC’s anchor, Brian Williams, Jon is thinking very positively about his transition. Jon Stewart is leaving his anchor position on “The Daily Show,” presumably to do bigger and better things that will diversify his career.

Written by Audrey Madden


NY Times



Photo by – Virginia Sherwood – Creative Commons License

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