Jeb Bush Employee Resigns Over Insulting Posts

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush accepted the resignation of one of his employees after discovering derogatory posts on an old blog. Bush and his advisors decided to keep the post even after seeing the comments were insulting to homosexuals and women. Jeb Bush’s employee resigned over these insulting posts and now the content of the blog is being disputed.

Ethan Czahor, the co-founder of, had been hired as CTO of Bush’s political action committee. His old Twitter posts on social media page uses disrespectful terms like “slut” and insulting comments about gays. The more then 40 posts were recently deleted following complaints.

Bush’s advisors as well as Czahor have come out to publicly say that they do not support these posts and find them inappropriate. Czahor apologizes for his disconcerting posts however he refers to them as “jokes.”
Ten, this Tuesday, new discoveries were made. In 2008 Czahor hosted a Pennsylvania radio show called The Ethan Show. In a post discussing Martin Luther King Jr., Czahor wrote:

Martin Luther King, Jr. was “well-dressed and extremely well-spoken. He understood that looking respectable and speaking clearly and concisely isn’t a trait of white men, it’s a trait of intelligent men.”

He continued to write saying, “he understood that, while slavery was a terrible practice and certainly a blemish on America’s resume, America is still the greatest country in the world.”

Finally, Czahor ends his statement saying, “he doesn’t dwell on the negative past; he doesn’t drone on about every little problem a black person has faced in their life; and then suggested solutions such as: blacks need more money or more racial-based preferences in the workplace.”

After these posts were unearthed, Governor Bush and his committee accepted Czahor’s resignation saying that neither Bush or his campaign were reflected in these posts. Ethan Czahor’s last comment on Twitter shared his hope that people will not shy away from voicing their views despite the backlash they may receive.

This is not the first time the Republican campaign employees have been scrutinized for their wording. Another young techie, Marianne Copenhaver, was also found writing insulting content on her social media pages. Copenhaver handles Senator Rand Paul’s web pages.

This incident was the first stumble of Jeb Bush’s campaign; a hiccup that will an impact on the public pinion of bush and his strategy. Although Jeb Bush’s employee resigned, his advisors are worried it will have a negative impact on his campaign and the Republican Party as a whole.

The recent controversial posts came after Bush’s release of personal contacts from him personal constituent services account to users. Bush is a presidential candidate for 2016.

Democrats were quick to make the posts public despite Czahor’s removal of his problematic tweets off of his account. Some democrats are calling the employees of Jeb Bush “immature” and “fit for a schoolyard.” They question whether he is ready for the harsh spotlight of “prime time.”

Jeb Bush’s employee, young Ethan Czahor, resigned and left the public with speculation from the Bush campaign. Jeb Bush and his committee continue to reiterate their disapproval of the derogatory comments.

Written by Audrey Madden



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