Jordan Air Strikes Against ISIS Kills American Aid Worker


American aid worker, who went by the name of Kayla Jean Mueller, was the last known American hostage being held by ISIS; she was killed in a Jordan air strike according to ISIS militants. Mueller was 26 years of age when she and her Syrian boyfriend were taken hostage in August of 2013. Mueller was taken hostage by the group while giving support to Syrian refugees in a hospital in Aleppo.

The terror group had been demanding $6.6 million for her freedom. In 2014, ISIS released a video showing Mueller begging for her life. This video was directed at her aid worker coworkers. In the video, Mueller was completely covered by a burqa.

The United States government has not yet confirmed the aid worker’s death due to a Jordan air strike against ISIS. America and its allies in this fight against terror have suspicions that this released information may be propaganda. Mueller’s death right outside Jordan points the finger at the coalition’s air strike tactics. Earlier this week, Jordan vowed to get revenge on ISIS after the burning of a Jordanian pilot.

ISIS and its supporters claim that Mueller was killed by the United States backed air strike through use of social media. Their statement says that Mueller was killed during a Jordanian bombing raid on Raqqa, a city in Syria. The statement goes into further detail saying that rockets destroyed the building where she was being held; no ISIS soldiers were killed in this attack.

The social media posts include pictures of the bombed buildings however, no pictures confirming the American aid worker’s death by a coalition air strike against ISIS could be given. The message sated that coalition planes targeted sites outside Raqqa while people were performing Friday prayers. The raids were said to continue for more than an hour. They also said that God was on their side by not hitting any jihad soldiers.

The terror group also included her American contact details in the social media post, but her family requested that the information be withheld in the reporting of her story. Jordan announced that they would be carrying out a “relentless war” which will include further air strikes and bombing raids. Jordan is skeptical of ISIS’ released statement about Mueller’s death.

Naser Judeh, foreign affairs minister, posted on Twitter giving the statement that he felt the move was both an old and disgusting trick perpetuated by despots and terrorists over decades, in which they attempted to claim that hostages ‘human shields’ held captive are put to death by air raids.

Marie Harf, a State Department deputy spokesperson, did not confirm the terror groups statement, however she did state that there are a number of American hostages being held by ISIS. Other American officials make it clear in their statements that they are deeply concerned by these reports.

Officials and analysts are also curious after looking at the photos posted on social media accounts as to how all ISIS fighters escaped from such a high damage strike. They are also interested in the change of pattern with the releasing of her death by ISIS; it is very different from their past video and pictures showing the brutality of the hostages’ deaths. The U.S. aid worker’s death by a Jordan led air strike against ISIS is still unconfirmed.

Written By Audrey Madden


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Photo by Brittany Y. Auld -Creativecommons Flickr License

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