Kanye West Will Work With Taylor Swift and Beck

Kanye West

Despite his actions over recent years against the two singers, Kanye West has said that he would work with Taylor Swift and Beck if they wanted to collaborate. The last couple of months have shown that he is open to working with people from different genres of music. His most recent collaboration with Sir Paul McCartney was surprising for my Beatles fans.

West made headlines this week for his actions at the Grammy Awards. When Beck won Album of the Year for Morning Phases, the rapper took the stage and tried to take the microphone. Just before doing it, he laughed and walked off the stage. It was a similar situation to the VMA awards in 2009 when he shouted against Swift winning Best Female Video. After the Grammys, West made it clear that it was not a joke. He is fed up of people not respecting artistry, and says it is time for the awards to go to the right people.

However, he did admit that he has respect for Beck. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest on On Air on Wednesday, he said that the issue was with the Grammys as a whole, and not with Beck. He admitted that it was a bit of a joke, just like the Grammys are. He does respect Beck, and says that he is a nice guy. He admitted that the interview afterwards involved “miswording” on his part.

Since then, West has said that he would work with Swift and Beck. He explained that he would like to give people studio advice and energy, no matter who it is. Beyonce and Jay Z were included on the list of people he would be willing to help and work with.

It seems that the rapper and country singer Swift have buried the hatchet. The 37-year-old said that he is currently in plans to work with her. He did not share how or when he would work with the 25-year-old.

His current album is reportedly complete, but does not have a release date as of yet. There is a chance that he will record one more song to add to it. However, it is also possible that this collaboration will end up on Swift’s next album. He simply told Seacrest that the Shake It Off singer would like to work with him, and they are setting up a date between themselves.

West continued to say that he never discriminates against people who want to work with him. If they have “an amazing point of view” he is willing to collaborate. It helps both artists in the end. His recent single, another collaboration, was released last month. It includes Rihanna on vocals and McCartney on guitar, and the rapper even sings. There is no confirmation over whose album this single will be released on, though.

The 37-year-old is clearly annoyed with the way that the awards shows run. He even suggested in a recent interview that there is discrimination within the decision who will win awards. However, West has full respect of artists who do win, and will work with Swift and Beck if they want to work with him.

By Alexandria Ingham


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