Kaseasbeh Death Propels Jordan to Revenge


Hours after the video of Kaseasbeh’s death was put up by Islamic State, or IS, Jordan sped up the two IS captive’s death sentence to immediately. One of the prisoners executed was supposed to be traded for the late pilot, Muath al-Kaseasbeh. A week after the proposed trade, IS refused to to prove that Kaseasbeh was still alive, to release him for the IS prisoner. IS released a video of Kaseasbeh being burned to death, this propels Jordan towards revenge.

The conflict began when the pilot was bombing parts of IS-controlled Syria, his plane crashed but he survived. Pictures of the crash were put on social media of him being taken out of the water in December.

The trade between Jordan and Islamic State was supposed to involve Lt. Kaseasbeh and Sajida al-Rishawi, a suicide bomber that was involved in 60 people’s death in a hotel bombing. The deal turned south when Jordan made threats to IS, threats that they would kill all IS prisoners if they killed their Lieutenant.

Or so it seems. According to  Jordanian TV, the execution took place on Jan. 3, a month ago. Meanwhile, IS was trying to trade with Jordan a person they did not have. Some people doubt the efforts made by the Jordanian government to ensure their pilots safety. As an alleged cover up, the Jordanian government said he was killed a month ago.

In either case, the Jordanian government executed the two prisoners, Rishawi and Zias al-Karbouli. The terrorist group, IS, has already killed five people before this including two Americans, two Japanese and one British man.

Jordan has announced a horrific war against IS. On Jordanian television said they will hit IS on their soil. Jordan has announced air raids – similar to what started this mess, to deliver a powerful message that propelled Jordan to revenge for Kaseasbeh’s death.

Obama said he would allow Jordan to have as many guns as needed versus what it was earlier when U.S. arms deliveries were slower. Committee Chairman Senator John McCain said that his committee’s first priority is to make sure Jordan has the supplies it needs to bring the fight to IS, after a meeting with King Abdullah.

The president said that the IS ideology is “bankrupt.” Kaseasbeh is the only pilot that has been captured since the coalition lead by the U.S. began airstrikes on IS last year. Obama said that it will redouble efforts as part of a global alliance to lead to the militants eventual defeat.

After a week of Jordan wanting proof the prisoner was alive resulted in IS refusing to prove that he was alive. He was already deceased at that point.

IS had two Japanese prisoners, before the pilot was captured or right when the pilot was captured, IS killed one of the prisoners. The exchange of people had the potential of saving the the Japanese prisoner, Kenji Goto, but they released a video of his death before the release of Kaseasbeh’s death video.

Apparently, Goto died after Kaseasbeh, but IS was still negotiating for their prisoner. Regardless if it is true or not, Kaseasbeh’s death a month ago justifies Jordan’s alleged lack of determination. It is not known for sure if the pilot died a month ago or not. According to Jordanian TV, he did die a month ago.

By Jacob Dowd


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Photo by Foreign and Commonwealth Office – License

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