Kevin Hart and Mo’ne Davis Head to Head

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Kevin Hart
Little League star Mo’ne Davis shamed Kevin Hart at the hoops Friday night. They met head to head in the first half of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in New York when the 13-year-old “spun” away from Hart on her drive to the basket. Although Kevin is best known for his loud, motor mouth, all he could do was shrug and say, “No excuses.”

Davis is the first female to pitch a shutout in a Little League post season game. Davis was pretty proud of herself as she explained that she had been working on that move but had not always landed it. Tweets went out everywhere. One tweet suggested Davis could start for the Knicks or maybe the Lakers.

The West team: Anthony Anderson, deemed their “Black-ish” star and Davis, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, lead the first half for 59 – 51 and kept their lead over the East team–Hart, rapper Common, and Allan Houston.

When the president of Sprint presented the MVP award to Kevin Hart, he momentarily had a Kanye moment and tried to take the trophy back. Not to be outdone, Hart eventually received that award, and then, he announced, “It’s my fourth MVP. I can’t do no more.” Hart’s very long, very emotional retirement speech.

Eighth grade Davis, plays basketball for her high school varsity team. After saying that not a lot of people have seen her play basketball, she said: “to play in the celebrity All-Star game was pretty cool.” Davis finished the game with four points, while Hart had 15. Davis is also the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year. Skylar Diggins was as impressed with Davis, as Davis was with Diggins.

The West team was coached by ESPN’s Mike Golic and Spike Lee. The East team was coached by Carmelo Anthony and ESPN’s Mike Greenberg. Other players included: Michael Rapaport, Ansel Elgort, Chadwick Boseman, Jesse Williams, Chris Mullin, Sarah Silverman, Diggins, Tina Charles, Nick Canon, and Shoni Schimmel. Jesse Williams, from Grey’s Anatomy, was injured and helped off the court in the last five minutes of the game. Robert Pera, owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, jumped into the game to show off his basketball skills. Pera and Diggins tied for 13 points.

Sports Illustrated decided to cover the game from a different angle. A moment-by-moment diary of events with the same amount of seriousness as the players. Here are some of Sports Illustrated’s highlights. At 8:30 p.m., there was a Sean John “Diddy Style Dress and Dribble” competition. The competition has two men compete by racing to don Sean John apparel and make a lay-up.

All-in-all, it seems that all three teams had a pretty good time. That would be the East team, the West team, and of course, the Sports Illustrated team. Even though all are saddened that Kevin Hart will not be returning to face Mo’ne head to head on the court next year. In ending, the event a moment of honor was led by Hart to honor to Scott Stuart.

Commentary By Jeanette Smith

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