Lady Gaga Shows Off Different Performance Style at Academy Awards [Video]

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga used the Academy Awards to show off her different performance style, shocking many fans and non-fans. She took the stage to perform a tribute to Sound of Music, leaving her outlandish costumes behind. A number of celebrities took to social media and interviews to praise the singer for her performance.

This is certainly not the first time Lady Gaga has turned heads. When she first started out in her career, many were shocked at her costume designs and staging. The meat suit continues to be one of the most talked about when it comes to shocking costumes. However, she left it all behind for the Academy Awards.

During her performance, she covered the likes of Edelweiss, Climb Every Mountain and My Favorite Things. It was so shocking that even Julie Andrews took to the stage to hug Lady Gaga, approving of the performance. Lady Gaga did not miss a note or a pronunciation of the words in each song. They were clear and classical, as if she was performing the music on Broadway.

It is the 50th anniversary of Sound of Music this year, so Lady Gaga decided it was time to do a tribute. It remains as the most popular musical around the world. Lady Gaga managed to show off her different performance style while at the Academy Awards, while wearing a beautiful silver and white gown.

She seems to have turned heads a lot lately, and possibly for the right reasons. She just recently announced her engagement, something that many people may not have expected to happen. She has also shared recent recordings with a very different style. Cheek to Cheek is the most recent with Tony Bennett.

However, her 87th Academy Awards performance has to be the most shocking. Even the likes of Larry King took to Twitter to say that he was surprised, and never expected that voice to come out of the Poker Face singer. Paris Hilton also said that she was blown away by the performance, saying that Lady Gaga looked and sounded stunning. Saved By the Bell alum Tiffany Thiessan was also amazed by the performance during the Academy Awards.

Folkster took the social media comments to a different level, stating that Lady Gaga had surprised the brand for the first time ever. It seems like the crazy antics were just a little too repetitive for the clothing brand.

Buzzfeed points out that people should not really be that surprised by Lady Gaga’s performance. She was theater trained before stepping out into the music industry. She has grown up on the likes of Sound of Music and would have been trained in them. That type of music is nothing new for her, but she has only just decided to share that side of her.

She had made a lot of changes over the last year or so. Before announcing her engagement, she changed the clothes that she regularly wore. Many people now see her in timeless, elegant pieces instead of her vibrant styles. The Academy Awards has really focused on that, as Lady Gaga showed off her different performance style.

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