Lawsuit Filed Against Mainstream Media for Sandy Hook Massacre Staging

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There has been a one trillion dollar lawsuit filed against Mainstream Media for the apparent staging of the Sandy Hook Massacre which was said to have taken place in December of 2012. Media outlets such as the Associated Press, The New York Times the Newtown Bee and the Hartford Courant are also being sued in a lawsuit for 10 billion dollars, in each occasion, in a completely separate filing due to their negligent reporting of said event containing staged images and false information.

This is not the first time MSM(mainstream media) has been accused of falsely informing the public of specific events, some even argue that 9/11 was such a case where information was wrongly reported. In the case of the Sandy Hook Massacre, William Brandon Shanley, author and filmmaker, has conducted thorough investigations only to find out that no children or teachers were killed during the apparent “massacre.”

Due to the troublesome, though relieving information revealed by Shanley’s investigations, he has filed a lawsuit against the Mainstream Media to the tune of more than a trillion dollars (collectively) in New Haven’s US District Court. The charges in said lawsuit brought against MSM are for both terrorism and fraud as reports that 20 students and six teachers were supposedly killed, when in fact, he will prove, they were not. It is being reported that apparently the Sandy Hook incident was instead a FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) exercise.

This lawsuit will attempt to show how the MSM has dishonored the First Amendment right of free speech and betrayed their right as “watchdogs” for the government and the American people. If won, this lawsuit will force MSM to forfeit their right to report the news to other organizations who will not place financial gain or persuasion above the honor of telling the truth.

In light of this lawsuit, the American people are urged to consider not taking everything they read or see as truth and to weigh the possibility that those “in charge” do not always have the purest of intentions. Evidence for the lawsuit in the case of the Sandy Hook event that proves contrary to what was reported in MSM includes Exhibit D: Dash cameras of the Connecticut State Police showing no student evacuations at moments deemed “critical” to supposed shootings. Other evidence, which will be showcased during the lawsuit trial, can be found in this Youtube video:

Key expert witnesses in the Sandy Hook lawsuit will include Veterans Today journalist Dr. James Fetzer who  authored over 35 articles for them specifically on the Sandy Hook incident,Wolfgang Halbig, former principal and School Safety Consultant as well as Mr. Shanley, filmmaker and author who has conducted the investigation for the MSM lawsuit.

Some of the evidence that has come out into the light is that of one of the supposed child victims in the “massacre,” Noah Pozner, who was found to have died “again” in Pakistan two years later during an attack on a school in Peshawar. Another questionable instance for the MSM lawsuit is that of the supposed death of Sandy Hook’s school principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was reported to have shown up at her own eulogy. Many have discovered her “daughter,” Erica Lafferty, may be in fact the same person as the reported mother “victim.”

The reality of such an instance as the Sandy Hook Massacre being proven as a hoax is not only shocking but may appear unbelievable when one considers the effort which would have to be undertaken to pull off such a drama and make it seem real. The questions naturally arise “what is trying to be accomplished by staging such a tragedy?” and “who would do such a thing?” This lawsuit, if won, could set an entirely new standard for news reporting in the United States.

The true cost of this whole fiasco is much more than the trillion dollar lawsuit being placed upon Mainstream Media concerning the staging of the Sandy Hook massacre, the trust of the public has been breached beyond measure from this and other instances and that trust is paramount to a functioning society. As Red Flag News has reported, the Plaintiff in this lawsuit will show how MSM has broken the law in many cases and betrayed their oath as journalists to “report the truth.” Punitive damages to the tune of a year’s income per defendant is being sought to place into a News Trust with the purpose of restoring faith in the occupation of journalism and trust in this country’s main source of communication. “A democracy cannot survive this tyranny over human consciousness.” (Red Flag News)

By Stasia Bliss


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