Lindsay Lohan and Mom Dina Sue Fox Over Cocaine Comment by Guest

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and her mom, Dina, are suing Fox News Network about a comment a guest contributor made just a little less than a year ago that they both did cocaine together. Also named in the defamation suit are TV host, Sean Hannity and Michelle Fields, who was a guest contributor credited with making the accusation against the Lohans of “doing cocaine” together.

February 4, 2014, was when Fields mentioned that the Lohans did cocaine with each other. That date was just two days after the tragic heroin overdose of famous Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, and celebrities who were reputed to engage in drug use, like Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Elvis Presley were frequently in the headlines.

The argument that the Lohans appear to be presenting is that they not only did not do cocaine together, but that their names were linked with famous celebs whose deaths are often associated with doing drugs. Lindsay Lohan and her mom’s case that they were defamed seems based on both the statement by Michelle Fields and the linking of their names with those of celebs who died due to drug abuse.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan said that Michelle Fields spoke of their use of cocaine with each other as though it was a fact. The Lohans said that the comments by Fields combined with the theme of the show strongly suggested that it would not be long before Lindsay Lohan’s name was included on the “obituary list,” of celebs who died because of drug abuse. The Lohans referred to the statements Michelle Fields made and the linking of their names with the show’s theme as being “totally irresponsible and malicious innuendo.”

In a statement, Fox News said that their “legal team has not reviewed this yet so we cannot comment.” Fox News will presumably issue a comment about the lawsuit in the next few days, after their legal team is through reviewing the case.

Neither Lindsay Lohan nor her mother have claimed to be angels, and Lindsay has admitted before that she has indulged in cocaine in the past. Still, they both state that they have never done cocaine together before. Anybody who claims otherwise is, in the Lohans’ point of view, defaming their character. The lawsuit states that “the character/reputation of Lindsay and Dina” was smeared by the remarks of Michelle Fields and the linking of their names with the show’s theme.

Besides allegations that their characters were defamed, Lindsay Lohan and Dina are claiming in the lawsuit that actions of the defendants caused the Lohans to suffer “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” The lawsuit is asking for an unspecified amount of money for the punitive and compensatory damages that they both suffered. They also want Fox News to stop distributing the original broadcast from early February 2014.

The lawsuit was filed in a Manhattan court on Monday, just in time before a one-year statute of limitations would have prevented them from filing such a lawsuit. According to Mark Heller, a lawyer for Lindsay Lohan and her mom, the defendants have yet to either retract the comments by Michelle Fields or issue an apology.

However, TMZ reportedly has copies of letters mailed to Lindsay and Dina’s lawyer, which apologizes for the comments by Michelle Fields. The apology was mailed to the Lohans a year ago. The letter also indicates that the remarks made about the Lohans was removed from the Fox News website. Also, weeks after the original comments were made and the show aired, Andrea Tantaros, a guest host on the Hannity show, issued a short apology to Lindsay Lohan and her mom.

Lindsay Lohan, who has starred in movies like Mean Girls from 2004 and Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap from 1998, is now trying to make an acting comeback after various legal difficulties she has faced. She and her mom, Dina, are suing Fox News, guest contributor Michelle Fields, and TV host, Sean Hannity, for having defamed their character by claiming that they did cocaine together. Updates will follow as more information becomes available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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