John Baird Resigning as Foreign Affairs Minister

John Baird
Sources have just reported that John Baird will be resigning his post as Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister. It is a move that virtually nobody saw coming. The reason for his departure is as yet unannounced. Though no specific information about where he will be going after leaving has been revealed, rumors are saying that he may be making a move to the United Nations to assist with an overhaul of the World Health Organization, though that is unconfirmed at this time.

According to this initial report, Baird is planning on resigning almost right away and does not plan to run in the upcoming October election. In his career thus far, he has held several posts in the Canadian government, first entering service in 2006 as an MP for Ottawa West-Nepean and moving up from there. He has held the positions of Environment Minister and President of the Treasury Board as well prior to becoming Foreign Affairs Minister. There is no indication at this point about what has prompted this departure, but the official announcement is expected to be made soon.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of DFATD | MAECD – Flickr License

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