McDonald’s Is Changing Their Slogan

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McDonalds is changing their slogan from ‘I’m Lovin’ it’ to ‘Love Beats Hatin.” McDonald’s restaurants will be starting a campaign on Feb. 2 which will include random acts of lovin’ to kick start their new slogan.

The Pay with Lovin’ campaign runs from Feb. 2 to Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day,  to support the newest slogan “Lovin’ beats Hatin.” The ad which appeared in the Super Bowl includes people being charged instead of money but by giving their loved one a hug or telling some one they love them.

It may seem reasonable for a person to just call his or her mom and tell her that he or she loves her, and a free sandwich appears. This is not the case the people whom are able to pay with lovin’ are determined through a randomized process at set times.

The campaign will be giving out 35 free meals, per store, for hugs or any other loving gesture. The prizes will gradually increase all the way until the campaign is over on Valentine’s Day.

McDonald’s is facing declining sales so they decided to change their slogan. In the last part of 2014, revenue went down to $6.75 billion, a little over 7 percent less than the year before. Their slogan “I’m Lovin’ it” did its job of attracting customers in the past.

The decision announced on the internet days before the Super Bowl and aired as one of the commercials, but the the commercial was about pay with lovin’ campaign. From the hours of six to six, people are going to have a chance to pay with lovin’. It is not the customer’s decision, however.

The Pay with Lovin’ campaign simply consists of the person ordering their food and on the register or by some apparatus the cashier says something like telling one’s mother that he or she loves her or a hug to a friend, or to the cashiers a fist bump.

The Pay with Lovin’ campaign is to get people used to the updated slogan ‘Lovin’ beats Hatin’.’ The change in McDonald’s slogan is supposed to build off of the previous ‘I’m Lovin’ it’ by leading people to believe that McDonald’s cares about the individual.

Back in Nov. the company denied such claims that the company is changing their slogan. In reality, the company was months away from the unveiling of the slogan, it was going to happen, just not yet.

Deborah Wahl, McDonald’s USA Chief Marketing Officer that the company was in a special position to give people more of what people want. “Pay with Lovin” is supposed to bring the customers closer to the company.

At McDonald’s, they believe a little more lovin’ could change a lot, Wahl said. A few months ago, there was fast food controversy because it was leaked that the company’s new slogan is “Lovin’ beats Hatin” however the company responded that that was not the updated slogan, just a version of it, such as “Lovin’ is Greater Than Hatin” or “Lovin’ > Hatin’.”

It appears the fast food giant has settled for “Lovin’ beats Hatin’.” This plays off of the previous slogan which has been known to work. McDonald’s is hoping that their change in slogans has the same effect as it did in the past.

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Photo by David Schott – License