Microsoft Releases Windows 10 for Phone Technical Preview


Microsoft released on Thursday their Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones to Windows Insiders. Redmond announced the preview of the Windows 10 phone version in limited devices, from lower-end to mid-range. Lumia 630, 635, 638, 730 and 830 users can take a peek of the preview, but only these can download the software.

Since Windows 10 is built to be the main platform for PCs, phones and tablets, it is expected to work on phones similar to the way it works on PCs. Because of their shared codebase, the release of builds for the various hardware may not be on the same day, or have the same build number, as an error in one may affect another. It may even take another build to fix issues along the way.

Windows 10 point man and General Manager of Engineering for Microsoft, Gabe Aul, said they limit the set of devices for the first preview. He said that Windows 10 will push its enhancements across various screen sizes.

Microsoft and its partners will release new hardware and flagship phones, he added. In a series of tweets, Aul also mentioned that Windows 10 will support Lumia 1020 and 1520 in future releases.

The release of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones by Microsoft has many Windows Phone fans excited, but those who cannot play around with it are disappointed. However, WP users will likely see the preview at some point of its cycle. Aul wrote that most Lumia phones can get the Windows 10 upgrade.

This early build brings great things, but since it is still an ongoing work, there are instances of malfunctions. The Windows 10 platform is designed for a huge community of people to give feedback. The known issues so far include exclusion of the roaming feature in Wi-Fi settings, absence of quiet hours, periodic fail of the Photos app and cellular data which does not work while in roaming mode. The workarounds are manual Wi-Fi setting to roam, more tries for the Photos app and several tries in cellular data settings because it tends not to work on the first try.

Developers, IT pros and those who love to see what is new with the latest update, are ready to try the Windows 10 Phones’ technical preview. The builds that only Microsoft engineers could see in the past are now available for others to see.

This build comes with great things, including the Start menu’s full-size background image, more quick Action Center actions, interactive notifications, speech-to-text capability and a more powerful Photos app.

The Microsoft executive also expressed their appreciation for the support and involvement of the public in building Windows 10. To be able to see the Technical Preview, one has to join the Windows Insider Program, register their device for the air updates and send feedback via Windows Feedback.

Although Microsoft has released Windows 10 for Technical Preview for WP fans to try out, users should remember to make the necessary backup before trying the new build. They can go back to their previous platforms any time. To make that easier, Microsoft provides the Windows Phone Recovery Tool for users to quit the experiment and go back to the standard build of WP.

By Judith Aparri

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Photo courtesy of TechStage – Flickr License

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