US Northeast Blizzard History

USUS Northeast blizzard history is a reality as this winter storm has become a historical event. People living along the Northeast area are seeing more snow than they could possibly fathom. Imagine having so much snow that your car is totally buried and creating a path to find it would be like digging for a hidden treasure.

It was reported that the storm, with such cold conditions, was a result of changes in the movement of the jet stream. Instead of moving from west to east, it traveled from north to south bringing serious Arctic air.

After the last snow storm, February 2015 is being called the snowiest on record with 58.5 inches. The last record was 15 inches in January 2005. The Northeast has experienced their fourth winter storm in just a month’s period of time.

Blizzard conditions were experienced in six states. This storm affected over 100 million people, which included those with the wind chill warning and those that were given a winter storm warning.

Boston, alone, has many notable conditions to discuss. It has received 10 times more than the amount that usually occurs in the month of February. This snow storm has set a record as it ranks the third snowiest on record with seven feet of snow in a period of three weeks. If there is an accumulation of at least 12 more inches, it will be in the history books for the snowiest winter.

A heavy snowfall and extreme cold temperatures can paralyze an area affected by the storm. Due to the treacherous conditions, several workers at the Massachusetts General Hospital spent the night on Valentine’s Day in order to be prepared for their assignments the next day. The public transit system had to be closed for at least a day.

The record for the number of flights changed nationwide was 900. Approximately, 500 flights had to be changed at Boston’s Logan International Airport. The temperature from the wind chill made it feel like it was -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the Philadelphia International Airport, it was reported that it was only three degrees. This is very close to the record of two degrees set back in 1888. New York’s winter snow record of 127 years is close to being broken, as well, as it was recorded that the temperature in Central Park was three degrees.

A number of other challenging situations occur in relationship to snow storms. Since there is so much snow to be removed, the city runs out of places to dump it. Another dilemma that can occur when there is a bad snow storm is that there is always the potential of losing heat, power, and communications.

It has been noted during bad weather conditions or the occurrence of natural disasters that the lives of people change as they engage in various activities. As they seek to give support and comfort to each other, there may be more opportunities for intimacy.

Birth rates have be documented as showing an increase after the struggles of  difficult environmental conditions. A historical record may be set in November 2015 for the number of birth rates due to the February US Northeast blizzard.

By Marie A. Wakefield

Miami Herald

Fox News

USA Today





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