Mila Kunis Reveals Secrets to Her Post-Baby Body

Mila Kunis

It did not take Mila Kunis long to get her post-baby body back, and she recently revealed the secrets to it. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and did an interview with Conan O’Brien just days after appearing on the red carpet for the opening of her new movie Jupiter. A number of questions came up about her figure and her possible-secret marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

During her interview with O’Brien, he brought up a photo that looked like Channing Tatum was looking down her dress while on the red carpet. While Kunis says that he was not, she did admit that her breasts had grown a lot during her pregnancy. She said that the “change was so dramatic,” she struggled to deal with them. She still is unsure what to really do about them. She has always been a smaller girl, and always dressed for someone with a flat-chest. While it is a new world for her, she did admit that it was amazing.

She noted how that she is not the only person to notice; and neither is Kutcher. She has caught other men looking at her breasts, something that has never happened in the past. O’Brien even noted that he was struggling to keep his eyes away, and kept them trained on her forehead.

It was during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Kunis shared the secrets to her post-baby body. The 31-year-old actress noted that breastfeeding had helped dramatically. She did also note that she is very active, even now that she has a baby in the house.

Kunis and Kutcher welcomed daughter Wyatt on October 1. Since then, she has gotten back to her original size and says that she hikes nearly every day with her daughter. It has helped her bounce back to her pre-pregnancy size quickly. She was also very active during her pregnancy, regularly snapped leaving or attending pregnancy yoga sessions.

During the interview, the possibility of her marrying Kutcher in secret did come up. It is something Kunis has refrained from speaking about, and that did not change with Kimmel. Questions arose when she was spotted on the red carpet wearing a wedding band. She had been spotted in the past wearing a wedding band on that finger, but refused to confirm or deny rumors then, too.

Ellen DeGeneres recently brought up the question when a New Year message was signed “The Kutchers.” Kunis pointed out that legally Wyatt’s last name is also Kutcher, and it could be that she was using it as a plural for that reason.

To avoid discussing marriage, the That 70s Show actress did talk to Kimmel about diapers. She explained how her mother had been completely confused over the disposable diapers with the Velcro straps, because she had only ever used the cloth ones. Her mother found the disposable options “amazing,” and said that she would have had seven children had these been in the Ukraine when she was younger.

During the interviews, Kunis may not has spoken about her marriage but she did share some secrets into her life. Kunis revealed the secrets to her post-baby body, and it turns out it is due to exercise and breastfeeding.

By Alexandria Ingham


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