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Steve Jobs

The long-awaited Steve Jobs movie has finally got a premiere date of October 2015. It is exciting news for those who have been wondering whether it will ever happen. The lead role has reportedly changed hands a number of times, and filming only began earlier this year.

When Michael Fassbender was finally named as the lead role in the biopic of the Apple CEO, it was clear that it was finally a go. However, many still wondered about the release. It could take months to film the movie, and then there is the editing and soundtrack afterwards. Universal Studios has now confirmed that the biopic will be released in movie theaters on October 9 this year; much earlier than ever anticipated.

The movie was picked up in November, but it had been in the planning stages for some time before that. The movie will focus on three important events in Jobs’ career, looking at behind the scenes of the product launches. These are not the more recent launches, but those set in the past that helped to make the company the one it was known as at first. The movie is an adaptation of the biography by Walter Isaacson, which Aaron Sorkin has written.

Danny Boyle was confirmed as the director early on, after reported disputes with first choice David Fincher. There were rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale would play the lead role, but it later went to Fassbender, who is best known for his role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was only after the lead was cast that filming could begin. Now, the Jobs movie has gotten an October premiere date.

Seth Rogan will also appear in the movie, making a move into serious roles. He will play the co-founder of the company, Steve Wozniak. Kate Winslet will play Joanna Hoffman, the former marketing chief of Macintosh. Meanwhile, CEO John Scully will be portrayed by Jeff Daniels.

Boyle explained that it was tough to cast the lead role. Jobs is such a prominent part in the movie since it is about his life. He is in every scene, and it meant casting the perfect actor. Sorkin was reportedly initially unconvinced by Fassbender’s talents, saying that he had never heard of him in a leaked Sony email. However, he later received the role after proving his acting capabilities.

Fassbender will be in every scene. The movie will allegedly be split into three long scenes. Each scene looks at one of the most popular products in Apple’s history, showing behind the scenes of the launches. The movie will stop with the final launch, rather than go into the most recent items like the iPod and iPhone. It will not cover the Apple man’s later health issues or his death.

The movie is the fourth to be announced for October 9. Disney will release a thriller called The Finest Hours, while there will be a Vacation reboot and Kidnap from Relativity. There has been a lot of excitement over the role, but also a lot of questions over the viability of the project. The Jobs movie now has an October premiere date, showing that it definitely is coming.

By Alexandria Ingham


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