Whitney Houston’s Daughter Said to Be Brain Dead

Whitney Houston

Reports say that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is brain dead. She was found face down in her bathtub and has been placed in a medically induced coma since arriving at the hospital. The family is struggling to deal with the similarities between her incident and her mother’s death three years ago.

Brown was found in her home on Sunday by a friend. The 21-year-old was taken straight to Roswell’s North Fulton Hospital but has since been transported to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital, according to an unnamed source. North Fulton has confirmed Houston’s daughter is no longer there, but Emory has not confirmed the information. It is possible that the family has asked the hospital for privacy at this time, and not confirming rumors is helping to keep the press away.

She was found by a friend as well as her partner Nick Gordon. Despite calling each other husband and wife and showing they were married on social media, father Bobby Brown says that the two have never legally married. There were reports that the two argued before she was found in her home on Sunday.

The family has asked for privacy at this time. There is currently an investigation into the events that led to the traumatic circumstances. All are struggling to deal with the incident.

Houston’s daughter is said to be brain dead, but the family has not confirmed this in a statement. Page Six reports that the singer has minimal brain activity while in her induced coma. The publication does not state how this information has been shared.

The news of the incident comes just weeks after the release of the biopic into Houston’s relationship with husband Brown. The family was not happy about the movie, and say that it is an unofficial biopic. Angela Bassett’s movie focused on her substance abuse during the 15-year marriage, rather than focusing on her music and talent. Many worry that the biopic was the final straw for Houston’s daughter, who had struggled with her mother’s death over the last three years.

There are many similarities between Houston’s death and Brown’s incident. The I Will Always Love You singer was found in her bathtub, and an autopsy suggested that heart disease and her previous cocaine use both contributed. The singer was just 48 years old at the time of her death.

So far, officials have not commented on the way that Brown was found or her condition at the time. The limited knowledge has been gained through sources, many of which have asked to remain unnamed. In a statement on Monday, the family did say that Brown was “fighting for her life” and just asked for privacy.

Many looked at the gospel singer’s final tweets. The last one was left on Thursday, and showed that she was focusing on her career. She was frustrated that she had not succeeded yet, but made it clear she wanted to. There are many questions over how that ended with her being found in her bathtub. Reports now say that Houston’s daughter is brain dead.

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