Missouri Family Plots Fake Kidnapping

MissouriA Missouri family decided to teach a six year old boy a lesson, by way of plotting a fake kidnapping. The purpose of the plot was for the family to show the little boy that he was too nice to strangers. By planning the fake kidnapping, they had hoped to show that there are dangers from interacting with people that one does not know.

Now three members of the Missouri family, the boy’s grandmother, aunt and mother, are facing charges after they planned and staged the abduction. The kidnapping which was meant to make the child wary of people he does not know ended up including both verbal and gun threats. When the family was then questioned by investigators, they said that their goal was to actually educate the boy and they do not feel that what they did was in any way wrong.

Apparently the the plot was concocted by the child’s 25-year-old mother Elizabeth Hupp, 58-year-old Rose Brewer and 38-year-old Denise Kroutil. The three got the assistance of one of Kroutil’s 23-year-old coworker, Nathan Wynn Firoved.

When the Missouri family spoke to investigators about their fake kidnapping plot, they explained that the boy was simply too nice. They felt it was important to scare the child, in order for him to understand about the dangers that surround associating with strangers.

According to Missouri investigators on Monday, Firoved waited for the boy to get off the school bus and start his walk home, and then lured him to his pickup truck. Once the child was actually in the truck, Firoved told him that he would never get to see his mother again and also threatened to nail him up to a wall in a shed. Once the child heard these threats he apparently started crying and that was when Firoved pulled out a handgun and said that if he did not stop crying he would be hurt.

While the boy apparently did not stop crying, the man took plastic bags and used them to bind the boy’s feet and hands. Then, the child’s face was covered with a jacket to stop him from being able to see his surroundings. Since the boy could not see, Firoved actually drove him back to the boy’s home and brought him down into his basement. Once he was there, the aunt actually removed the boy’s pants and then told him that it was easy enough to sell him into sexual slavery. Kroutil was apparently upset that the boy did not attempt to resist what was happening.

Finally the boy was released and told that he had to go upstairs. Once he went upstairs he was further lectured by the family about the dangers inherent from interacting with strangers. The entire event apparently lasted for around four hours. The entire time Firoved and the family stayed in contact while they went about terrorizing the child.

Authorities in Missouri were alerted to the family’s fake kidnapping plot when the boy told officials at his school what had happened. The school then turned around and alerted the Division of Family Services. From there the boy was put into protective custody. Missouri authorities are now charging Brewer, Kroutil and Firoved with felony restraint, felony kidnapping and felony neglect and abuse of a child. The child’s mother, Hupp, is being charged with felony abuse and neglect of a child as well as felony kidnapping.

By Kimberley Spinney



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