Pink Is the New Face of PETA


The new face of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign, is 35-year-old Grammy winner, Pink. The singer is not the first famous face to take part in this particular campaign, with past participants that include Khloe Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Wendy Williams and Nia Long. As part of the promotion, the participants strip down and proceed to pose naked in an effort to send a message about the ethical treatment of animals when dealing with fashion.

Pink has always been known for being honest and open about herself, while also showcasing that she is comfortable in her skin. This comfort is effortlessly showcased in the new PETA campaign that is premiering on Wednesday evening, with a giant billboard to be unveiled in Times Square. The premier of the billboard is actually set to coincide with the start of New York’s Fashion week, which is set to kick off on Thursday.

As the new face of the PETA campaign, Pink’s advertisement features the singer sitting naked with her knees up to her chest and her arms around her legs. The singer can be seen smiling, in what appears to be a very confident and relaxed picture, that was originally taken and used in People Magazine’s 2014 Most Beautiful issue. The image is a black and white that has the name of the campaign, Pink’s name and a message that people should be comfortable in their own skins, while still allowing an animal the dignity of keeping their own.

In a statement that was issued as part of a press release from PETA, Pink spoke about her own feelings on the situation. The singer talked about her feeling about animals, describing them as the purest creatures on earth. In fact she said that they do not pretend with their feelings, while also being completely loyal. Pink admitted that while she would be happy to say that she had always been fur-free, that was simply not the case. The singer said that unfortunately, she had been known to wear fur on a few different occasions and she considered this to be at a time when she was going through a selfish phase. Since then however, Pink said that she had gotten smarter and wiser and now she completely boycotts the wearing and use of fur.

Pink ended her statement by explaining why she got involved in the campaign to begin with. In fact, she expressed her wish that everyone would have the opportunity to learn about the horrors that the animals suffer, all in the name of fashion and the numerous trends. She also wanted those individuals who wore fur to be bitten by the same animal that they were wearing on their back.

As the newest face of the PETA campaign, Pink is also showcasing her own confidence in herself. A confidence that she believes she is sharing with her young daughter as well. The billboard campaign easily gets across multiple messages, being confident in one’s skin while also preserving the safety of animals. While this may be the first opportunity that a large audience gets to see the singer act as the face of PETA, this is not the first time that the singer has taken part in a promotion for the organization. The last time, she teamed up with Ricky Gervais and lent her voice to a video about animals being targeted for their skin.

By Kimberley Spinney



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Photo by NRK P3 – Flickr License

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