Kanye West and Taylor Swift to Record Music Together? [Video]



A few years ago, the possibility of Kanye West and Taylor Swift ever recording music together would have been so blatantly unlikely that even the mere idea would ring ludicrous to anyone familiar with the situation. This matter has clearly changed significantly in the recent months, as Yeezy has brought up the idea with full-blown enthusiasm and it actually seems as though it might happen.

The 37-year-old took the time this morning to sit down with Ryan Seacrest on the American Idol host’s popular show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, in order to discuss exactly what went down at Sunday’s Grammy Awards regarding Album of the Year winner Beck and the stunt West almost pulled in order to detail his discontent over it. To debrief the incident in question; upon the Loser hit-maker taking the stage in order to accept his award, West stormed the stage and was seemingly about to interrupt Beck’s speech in order to voice his disapproval of the Grammy panel’s choice of winner. Upon opening his mouth to speak, however, the Only One singer abruptly turned and walked back off the stage to his seat next to wife Kim Kardashian and their friends.

The incident raised quite a storm, given that the Georgia native exhibited the same kind of behavior back at the 2009 Grammy Awards, except in that instance he actually went through with his plan and ended up hijacking the speech then-newcomer Taylor Swift’s first ever award of that nature, informing her and everyone else that he felt Beyoncé should have won instead. Swift was reduced to tears, and West was put on blast by dozens of high-profile celebrities, even including United States President Barack Obama (who labelled the rapper as a jacka** for his actions.) This time around, an abundance of viewers stated their opinion that West was just doing it this time to get attention and attempt to re-live the drama of the first go-around.

West, however, says that this is simply not true. He told Seacrest that it was more meant to be a joke than anything else, poking fun at what had gone down with Swift all those years ago, given that the two have since made up. While he admits that he did consider once again telling the audience exactly what he felt regarding the choice of winner, the father of one stated that he realized it would be a bad move and thus decided to control his emotions and back to his seat. He went on to detail his difficulty in maintaining any outburst he may not feel he can keep inside anymore, something he says he is working and trying to get better regarding.

In reference to the aforementioned newly kindled friendship between West and Swift, the rapper says that the Shake It Off chart-topper was the one to bring up the idea of recording together to begin with. He went on to express his excitement at the idea, which he says he is all for and essentially read to go when she is. The pair of them reportedly want to move and put what happened in 2009 officially behind them for good, and believe that getting in the studio together is the way to go about it.

It remains to be seen if or when Kanye West and Taylor Swift will actually sit down and record a song together. For now, however, the possibility does appear to be very real and the two of them seem legitimate about maintaining the friendship they have recently created.

By Rebecca Grace

Rolling Stone
Photo by rodrigoferrari – License