Pretty Little Liars: Bloody Hell [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Bloody Hell, involved apologies and protective siblings. The girls were still reeling from the news in last week’s episode, where Mike revealed that Mona had planned to frame Ali for her murder. It led to the speculation from some Pretty Little Liars fans that Mona may not be dead after all.

They are now sure that Ali is not A. Of course, it could be another red herring, but the girls are ready to forgive their former friend-turned-possible-enemy. Emily, Spencer and Aria visit Ali to tell them they know she is innocent. They gave enough information for Ali to use it against them. Making it clear that she would need to tell her lawyers, Ali made Aria fear for her brother’s safety. After all, he was involved in the plan to frame Ali on Pretty Little Liars. All Aria wants is time to keep her brother safe.

Spencer is getting in trouble with a lot of people, and this week it includes her mom. Veronica finds out that Spencer visited Ali and bans her from going there. She is so adamant that she arranges for Wren to get Spencer an interview at Oxford. Will A really let the Pretty Little Liars leave the country? The girls are not happy, and Hanna has the bright idea for Spencer to tell her mom the truth. That does not happen, and she goes to London instead. While she was meant to be staying with Wren and Melissa, she ends up with Colin, who offers her some words of advice instead.

During her interview on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer sees blood leaking from her bag and panics. It turns out that A sent her a little message and it looks like A is around her at the moment. While she is comforted by Colin, A sends her a text message telling her there is more blood.

Bloody Hell makes it look like A is in more places than one on Pretty Little Liars. She/he is also tormenting Aria, Hanna and Emily. It looks like A is cleaning up another mess to continue to frame Ali by killing Cyrus. Only he ends up in the burn unit and Aria and Hanna are able to get to him for him to tell them something about a carjack.

It turns out that he means Varjack, and Hanna comes to the conclusion that Cyrus has never had written communication from A on Pretty Little Liars. Once they leave, Cyrus gets a visit from a patient and it does not end up well.

Emily is taking part in the beauty pageant for Hanna, as she promised last week on Pretty Little Liars. However, the sponsors are worried about her connections to Ali. Talia helps out by suggesting the sponsors send her a check so she will not need to compete. On top of that, Talia quits her job and leaves her husband. She ends up living with Emily while her parents are away.

Another suspect has been added to the Pretty Little Liars list. Andrew seemed to suggest that he knows about the deep secrets of the girls, but maybe it was just another red herring. Pretty Little Liars certainly likes to throw them.

Of course, Aria still was not done with saving Mike. She wanted to know how much trouble he would be in for lying to the police, and it does not look good for him on Pretty Little Liars. Aria talking to Veronica, leads to Veronica seeing Ali. She wants to know why her daughter visited earlier, and considers coaching Ali for when she takes the stand.

Finally, Hanna visits Ali again and this time with an olive branch. While Ali apologizes, she admits she never understood how it was on the other side of her torment.

There are still many questions on Pretty Little Liars, and still four episodes until the big reveal. Bloody Hell certainly added more questions, but may have many Pretty Little Liars fans looking at Wren as their number one A suspect.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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