Naya Rivera Expecting First Child

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera is expecting her first child. It will also be the first for her husband Ryan Dorsey, and has been announced less than a year since the two tied the knot. She shared the news with her fans on Instagram, using a photo of a bun in the oven for play on words.

Rivera said that she and Dorsey are excited to welcome the newest member of their family, and they feel “blessed.” She later shared photos of herself and Dorsey as children to give her followers a chance to see what their little one could look like.

Many wondered whether Rivera had married her husband a little too quickly in July last year. It was a very quiet wedding in Cabo San Lucas, and came just months after her very public breakup with Big Sean. Many fans had not even realized Rivera had met someone else, let alone discussed marrying someone else. It led to them worrying whether she was diving in too quickly without thinking things through, as some celebrities have done in the past.

At the same time, rumors were spreading that Rivera had been fired from Glee due to off-screen tension with main star Lea Michele. However, she regularly said that the rumors were false, and that her part had been reduced due to her own schedule. It was a mutual decision, and there were no harsh feelings with anyone on the set.

It later emerged that Rivera and Dorsey had been friends for four years before marrying. They had reconnected after she called off the engagement with Big Sean three months before their July wedding. She also appeared in a number of episodes of Glee’s sixth season, and her character was married off in the end.

Rivera has now announced that she is expecting her first child. It is certainly an exciting time for the actress. She has not yet shared how far along she is or when the baby is due. Most people announce their pregnancies around the 12 week mark, so it could mean that Rivera’s baby is due August 2015, just after her first wedding anniversary.

She will be back on the small screen very soon. Rivera recently signed up to appear on Devious Maids as her time on Glee has come to an end. She has also regularly appeared on The View as a guest host.

Her husband’s time on the small screen is coming to an end for the time being. With the final season of Justified coming to an end, he will be looking for more work. However, he has recently appeared on the likes of You’re the Worst, The Mentalist and Shameless.

Many fans took to Instagram to wish the Glee star well. They are excited for Rivera’s pregnancy almost as much as the new mom will be. Many will be on the lookout for more baby related posts, as the months continue. Rivera announced she is expecting her first baby in a very funny, sweet way on the social media site.

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