Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Isn’t the Point [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Isn’t the Point, this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, allowed fans to cross one more person off their A suspect list. At least, that was the way it seemed, but it also appears that things from that eventful mid-season finale may not have been as they seem. Is it possible that Mona could still be alive somewhere?

For once, the body count in Rosewood remained the same. Instead, Emily and Hanna were working on a dance routine, while the others worked on romantic feelings and looked further into the mystery that is A.

Hanna is desperate to get to college in Pretty Little Liars, and needs the $20,000 prize from a beauty contest to do that. It means she needs a talent, and dancing is the best of a bad bunch. She soon freaks out when A tricks her to believe that stepsister Kate has entered, and Emily is the one who agrees to take her place and win the money.

Meanwhile on the Pretty Little Liars, Emily is struggling with her relationship with Talia. The new girl in town is playing Emily and her husband, telling her husband that Emily is an experiment. Is this just another relationship that will go south for the lesbian in the group?

Spencer is also facing relationship drama on Pretty Isn’t the Point, this week’s Pretty Little Liars episode. She is working with Jonny to help him get back his wall art from a gallery. It just has to be Toby who responds to the theft report, and he puts his job before his girlfriend. Of course, Spencer is mad at her boyfriend, but she did put him in a difficult position. It really is about time that she accepts his new position in law enforcement means she cannot go running around doing anything she wants.

Toby finally opens up, telling Spencer there is a reason for being so distant. Detective Tanner is trying to use their relationship to learn more about the Pretty Little Liars. His position in the homicide investigation so soon after graduating now makes perfect sense.

However, arresting Jonny means Mrs. Hastings kicks the tenant out of the barn. Of course, he does not leave until he kisses Spencer just once.

Aria finds out Andrew has a crush on her, and uses that to her advantage. She gets him to tail Mike, and finds out that he has been hiding vials of blood. It turns out that Mona had been storing her own blood samples as a way to take down Ali. He believed the murder was really part of her plan, and started leaving things in their hiding places. When she did not turn up, he wanted Ali to help him. He is certain Ali is not A after all, because Cyrus took her away the night it happened.

It turns out that Mona was working with A, and that was the argument Lesley overheard. That is why she believes Mike did it. The question is whether Mona really is dead, or whether that final scene in the mid-season finale was just something to fool the audiences. Pretty Isn’t the Point helped cross one murder suspect off the list, but there are plenty more on Pretty Little Liars.

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