Supernatural: The Executioner’s Song [Recap/Review]


It was the big showdown on Supernatural this week with The Executioner’s Song. Cain returned, and the trailer hinted that it may not be as easy for Dean to live with the Mark of Cain as he had hoped it would. The ending left a cliffhanger for all, as the show takes a break until March.

Cain made a return by showing up on death row to kill an inmate. When Dean instantly recognizes him on security footage, they know they need to get to him. Castiel has already tracked him by torturing a demon.

It looks like living with the Mark is not as easy as Cain initially made it look. Cain has relapsed and is getting rid of ancestors who have killed—and that is a lot of them. The good news for Castiel is that as an angel he is not on the list. However, Dean and Sam may want to watch their backs.

As a way to trap him, Dean gets the First Blade and uses the next person on the list of names to trap Cain. Before going into the barn to finish Cain, he makes everyone promise to kill whoever comes out—and that includes his demon counterpart. Of course, the twist in Supernatural is that Cain knew this was going to happen, and lured Dean in to get the First Blade. Timothy Omundson plays the villain perfectly, and it is a nail-biting moment to find out whether Dean will die or give into the Mark completely.

Cain has a secret for Dean in this week’s Supernatural episode, The Executioner’s Song. He tells Dean the destiny of the Mark for Cain was to kill Abel, so the destiny for Dean is to kill Sam. Cain taking the First Blade is doing Dean a favor. Dean wants to save Cain, but the Father of Murder is too far gone. In the end, Dean has no choice but to kill him. The actual death is off-screen, so it could be a way for the writers to bring him back. Right now, though, bets are that he is dead.

Dean acts like he is perfectly fine, and even gives Castiel the First Blade. Crowley disappears in a huff, as Sam keeps a close eye on his brother. When they get back to the bunker, Sam is certain that Dean is in trouble. There is no hint on this week’s Supernatural as to how Sam would know this. Does he just know his brother that well?

As for the tantrum-throwing Crowley, he returns to Hell. His mother is not happy that he left her to help the Winchesters, and finds out that she is leaving. She is disappointed in him becoming the Winchesters’ “bitch,” as she put it. Really he is Supernatural’s version of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Does Sam know something more about the Mark of Cain? It is a question that will be left unanswered for now. Supernatural’s episode The Executioner’s Song is another cliffhanger episode as the show goes into a break. It will return on Wednesday nights from March 18.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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