Pretty Little Liars Suspect List: Just Who Could Be A?

Pretty Little Liars

Who Big A could be has been something Pretty Little Liars fans have wondered for five seasons, and the suspect list is growing. There have certainly been red herrings along the way, with the likes of Toby and Ezra being suggested until declaring there has been another reason for them getting involved. Fans continually guess and have their own suspicions, and here is one Pretty Little Liars fan’s considerations.

Wren has been at the top of the list for many fans. He just so happens to be a doctor, working at both the hospital and Radley, and there just when the Pretty Little Liars turn up. He has access to various drugs and has a thing for younger women. Mona also pointed out that he spelt diagnosis wrong, which surely a doctor would know. Of course, that misspelling could be a red herring. Wren is human and it could have just been an honest and simple mistake.

The character has not been around for a while, but shows up when Pretty Little Liars fans least expect him. Being out of the picture for so long would make him the perfect suspect for Big A.

Another consideration is Detective Holbrook. There is certainly something going on, and he knows more than he is letting on. There have been times he has tried to catch the Pretty Little Liars red-handed and failed, but he does have a back story with other characters on the show. Of course, a cop being involved would be too obvious, but it would also make sense. How else would A get away with so much on the show?

As Pretty Little Liars fans wonder who A could be, the suspect list is growing. Mike suggested last week that Mona may not be dead. Is it possible that she faked her death and really is Big A? She worked for A in the past, but it is possible that she orchestrated it to look like she was working for someone; really, that someone was working for her.

Considering the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale, it would not make that much sense for it to be Mona. After all, she had said that she now knew who A was.

A fourth suspect on Pretty Little Liars is one of the Liars themselves. Aria has become the main one, considering her name starts and ends with A. Hanna has been on the suspect list, too, considering she is blonde and became the new Ali when Ali was presumed dead. A twin theory has floated around, with both of these two girls being used within that theory.

Finally, what about Ezra? He has the money to pull off being A on Pretty Little Liars, and has shown his likeness for young girls. While fans believe that he was just working on a book, that could have been a cover so he could continue his plans. There is definitely something fishy going on, and it could be because he is the main A suspect on the list on Pretty Little Liars.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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